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sea fans in the clear blue ocean water of the Caicos barrier reef One of the excellent snorkelling sites that can be found off the beach of Providenciales.

Top Things to Do on Providenciales

The Best Beaches on Providenciales

There's So Much to See and Do!

kayaks at Joe Grant Cay in the Turks and Caicos
Kayaking at the uninhabited cays of the Caicos Islands.

There’s so many fun and exciting things to do on Providenciales. Due to the beautiful marine environment of the Turks and Caicos, it of course comes as no surprise that everything shown here revolves around the ocean.

These are just our favourites, be sure to also check out Things to Do on Providenciales and Things to Do in the Turks and Caicos for more great ideas on sights, attractions and activities.

Try Something New!

Your vacation in the Turks and Caicos is the perfect time push your limits and try a new activity.

Freediving on the barrier reef and swim training in our shallow bays are unforgettable ways to experience the spectacular ocean and wildlife.

For those who prefer solid ground under their feet, a wilderness adventure may allow you to see natural and historical sights seen by very few others.

If you’d interested in getting an unparalleled view of turquoise water, the barrier reef, and our luxury resorts, the exciting parasailing is the perfect activity.

Our Spectacular Outdoors

clear ocean water and sunny day at Half Moon Bay Beach
A sunny day at the beautiful Half Moon Bay.

One of the best features of the Turks and Caicos are the sights, beaches and uninhabited islands that remain largely undiscovered and unexplored. Many boat excursions pick up guests directly on the beach fronting their resort – a perfect way to start the day!

If you make it away from the famous attractions of Grace Bay Beach, Leeward Beach, Half Moon Bay and Little Water Cay (amazing attractions in their own right!), you’ll get to experience the tranquil and undeveloped side of the country.

West Caicos is a great example. Due to its distance from Provo, the only way to get to this uninhabited island is by a custom boat charter. However, there is so much to enjoy; beautiful scenes, incredible snorkelling, cliff jumping, historical ruins and more.

Another great aspect of visiting the more-remote islands and reefs in the Turks and Caicos is the journey out. If you spend more time on the water, you’ll be far more likely to experience an unforgettable and spontaneous wildlife encounter. It could be a pod of wild dolphins, jumping eagle rays or snorkelling with humpback whales.

jumping off the cliffs of the West Caicos Marine National Park
The cliffs at West Caicos.

Day Trips to our Outer Islands

On the other side of the country, North and Middle Caicos hide a treasure trove of landscapes and natural features, including caves, secluded beaches and Loyalist historical ruins. It’s easy to plan your visit from Providenciales. Simply reserve a rental car, catch the passenger ferry boat, and explore.

Salt Cay and South Caicos, once mainstays of the sea salt industry, are two islands that haven’t change much in the last century. There’s the salinas, old colonial buildings, and a quiet atmosphere. Landscape and nature photographers will appreciate the sweeping coastal vistas and undeveloped coasts of these little islands.

Grand Turk is another great place to visit and is home to the nation’s capital city of Cockburn Town and the only cruise ship port in the Turks and Caicos. This island offers a quaint British-Bermudian beachfront town and many of the country’s top historical sights, including the Grand Turk Lighthouse, the National Museum and Her Majesty's Prison.

Planning your own day trip to one of our less-inhabited islands or taking an outdoor adventure will allow you to experience an aspect of the Caribbean that few get to see.