Things to do in Turks and Caicos Water sports at Grace Bay Beach.
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Top Things to Do in the Turks and Caicos

Kayaks at Joe Grant Cay in the Turks and Caicos
Kayaking at the uninhabited cays of the Caicos Islands.

There are so many fun and exciting things to do on Providenciales. Due to the beautiful marine environment of the Turks and Caicos, it’s no surprise that everything shown here revolves around the ocean.

These are just our favorites, be sure to also check out Things to Do on Providenciales and Things to Do in the Turks and Caicos for more great ideas on sights, attractions, and activities.

The Turks and Caicos is an amazing destination for water sports. There’s snorkeling, kayaking, paddleboarding, clear kayaking, freediving, fishing, kiteboarding, sailing, wakeboarding, and more!

If you don’t have time to research every attraction in the Turks and Caicos, check out our itinerary guides.

Amazing beach in the Turks and Caicos Half Moon Bay, Turks and Caicos.

Discover Our Spectacular Beaches

There are so many incredible beaches in the Turks and Caicos and on the island of Providenciales, all with beautiful turquoise clear waters to go swimming in.

The unparalleled Grace Bay Beach is the general favorite, but many smaller and secluded beaches can be found on Providenciales. All the beaches in the country are public and free to access, and are never crowded. Discover your own piece of paradise.

Some of the best beaches on Providenciales include world-famous Grace Bay Beach, calm Sapodilla Bay and Taylor Bay, Long Bay Beach, Leeward Beach, Malcolm’s Road Beach, and the Bight Beach. Exceptional coasts on other islands in the Turks and Caicos are Mudjin Harbour, Bambarra Beach, Little Ambergris Cay, the sandbars at Fort George Cay and Pine Cay, and the shallow channel and bar systems at Parrot Cay and Sandy Point Beach on North Caicos.

Boat charters in the Turks and Caicos Half Moon Bay Beach is a very popular boat cruise destination.

Take a Boat Cruise to the Caicos Cays

There’s a wonderful collection of small cays between Providenciales and North Caicos, and these beautiful islands offer miles of spectacular and deserted white sand beaches. Discover perfect turquoise waters, snorkeling reefs, and the indigenous Turks and Caicos Rock Iguanas.

Possible destinations include the iguana sanctuary of Little Water Cay, the beach and lagoon at Half Moon Bay, the secluded and amazing beach at Water Cay, the exquisite sandbars and sunken cannons at Fort George Cay, and the vibrant corals and fish at the Leeward Reef snorkeling site.

Excursions visiting the south coast of Providenciales have a totally different set of sights and attractions, from the wrecked La Famille Express freighter ship, to the breathtaking blues of West Caicos and the West Caicos Marine National Park, the cave and historical features of West Harbour Bluff, the iguana island of Bay Cay, and snorkeling sites that include Turtle Rock, beautiful reefs, and shipwrecks.

Some of the large all-inclusive resorts on Grace Bay, including Beaches and Club Med Turkoise, have scheduled boat tours for their guests, which typically visit Half Moon Bay Beach and the Leeward Cut snorkeling reef.

Snorkeling at the barrier reef at Providenciales, Turks and Caicos. Snorkeling at the barrier reef at Leeward, Providenciales.

Take a Snorkeling Cruise

The reefs around the Turks and Caicos are amazing, offering an abundance of crystal-clear water, fish and sea animals, and healthy coral. Taking a boat snorkeling cruise often makes for a great underwater experience, as you won’t have to search for the reefs, and the offshore sites are often livelier than reefs near the beach.

On snorkeling boat trips, you also may encounter one of our friendly wild Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. We have two that interact with people: the famous JoJo the Dolphin, and the new baby Dreamer!

The Grace Bay and Leeward barrier reef snorkeling sites combine tranquil beds of yellow and purple sea fans that wave back and forth with the swell, and intricate coral gullies and caves, which are topped with colorful corals. Schools of fish, stingrays, turtles, nurse sharks, and lobsters can be seen across the reefs.

Mudjin Harbour on Middle Caicos Mudjin Harbour and the Crossing Place Trail on Middle Caicos.

Take a Day Trip to North Caicos and Middle Caicos

Just a thirty-minute ferry ride from Providenciales are the quiet islands of North Caicos and Middle Caicos. The two islands are less developed than Providenciales, and feature great landscapes, secluded beaches, old plantations, and Conch Bar Caves, one of the largest dry cave systems in the Caribbean.

Many visit Middle Caicos just to see Mudjin Harbour, a majestic coastal landscape of beaches, cliffs, and turquoise water.

Kayaking in the Turks and Caicos Kayaking in the beautiful Princess Alexandra National Park off Providenciales.

Kayak or Paddleboard in the Wetlands

The Turks and Caicos supports an amazing network of mangrove wetlands and tidal channels, and these pristine waterways act as the nurseries for many types of sea life. A guided excursion into these shallow wetlands will allow you to spot wildlife close-up in their natural environment. On a good day expect to see juvenile sharks and turtles, conchs, barracudas, bonefish, starfish, stingrays, and birdlife.

Snorkeler with eagle ray in the Turks and Caicos Snorkeling with a majestic eagle ray at Smith's Reef.

Snorkel from the Beach

A great complement to a snorkeling cruise is to visit some of the beach reefs in the Turks and Caicos. Providenciales has some really beautiful sites, where large numbers of colorful reef fish, stingrays, turtles, and lobsters are easy to approach and see.

The Bight Reef (also known as Coral Gardens) is the most popular and easiest to access of the beach reefs, and is located on the western end of Grace Bay. Smith’s Reef, found near Turtle Cove, is even more extensive and complex than the Bight Reef, albeit a little harder to find.

Last but not least is Malcolm’s Road and Northwest Point. This is a spectacular area, yet quite remote. There’s clear water and a wide array of life, including small and mid-sized sharks.

The Undersea Explorer semi-submarine The Undersea Explorer, a semi-submarine operated by Caicos Tours.

Semi-Submarine Tours

Want to enjoy our beautiful reefs in air-conditioned comfort without getting wet? The Undersea Explorer is a semi-submarine operated by Caicos Tours, and allows passengers to ride below the water’s surface, with large observatory window to see out of.

Tours depart from Turtle Cove Marina and visit the fascinating bay reefs of Smith's Reef, Turtle Cove, and Babalua Beach. The Undersea Explorer is stable and perfect for all ages.

Parasailing in the Turks and Caicos Parasailing at Grace Bay in the Turks and Caicos.

Parasail over Grace Bay

There’s a reason many parasail boats can be seen operating in Grace Bay every day: gliding at 200 feet (60 m) in the air over Grace Bay is an amazing experience! Get a bird’s eye view of the beach, resorts, barrier reef, and larger sea animals in the water below.

Chalk Sound National Park in the Turks and Caicos The exquisite Chalk Sound National Park.

Chalk Sound National Park

The incredibly-turquoise Chalk Sound National Park offers some of the most vibrant water you’ll see anywhere. This sheltered lagoon is home to hundreds of tiny islands, a vast blue hole underwater cave, a submerged plane wreck, and even the Turks and Caicos Rock Iguana. Two beautiful beaches are also located nearby: Sapodilla Bay and Taylor Bay.

Scuba diver at the wall on French Cay with coral and sea sponges Diving at the wall off French Cay.

Scuba Diving

There are so many beautiful and vibrant reefs to explore in the Turks and Caicos. Sites spread across over 80 miles (129 km) of barrier reef are regularly visited by dive boats from Providenciales. If you haven’t yet begun to scuba dive, several local dive shops offer open water and DSD courses.

Great dive spots are found in the West Caicos Marine National Park, at Northwest Point, in the Princess Alexandra National Park, and at the remote French Cay.

Horseback riding in the Turks and Caicos Horseback riding at Long Bay Beach, Providenciales.

Horseback Riding at Long Bay

Another great activity is horseback riding in the shallow turquoise waters of Long Bay Beach. Provo Ponies is the island’s primary stable, and their ponies and horses are well-trained and enjoy wading in the ocean just as much as the riders!

Jet skiing in the Turks and Caicos Jet skiing on the incredible water of the Turks and Caicos.

Jet Ski on our Turquoise Waters

There’s no denying it, jet skis can be a lot of fun! There are so many spectacular places to explore in the Turks and Caicos. Take a guided trip to uninhabited cays, secluded beaches, the La Famille Express shipwreck, West Harbour Bluff, and more!

Freediving in the Turks and Caicos Freediving at the wall.

Freediving at the Wall

It’s not for everyone, but a truly unforgettable and exciting experience is freediving at the wall.

The underwater plateau that supports the Turks and Caicos tends to have a rather abrupt transition from shallow to deep, and in many places the depth goes from 40-50 feet (12-15 m) into the thousands over a very short span. This drop off is commonly referred to as the wall, and most of the top scuba dive sites in the country are on this subterranean cliff.

Freediving is simply the challenge of deep diving on your own breath. The equipment commonly used is similar to typical snorkel gear, and it’s possible with only a little practice to reach depths past 40 feet (12 m). You’ll see incredibly blue water, coral, and perhaps the occasional shark cruising the reef!

Always obtain proper and qualified free diving instruction before attempting the water sport, and never try to free dive on your own. There are several inherent safety risks associated with freediving and it’s critical to get an explanation of these dangers before diving.

Jeep Wranglers off road in the Turks and Caicos Jeep Wranglers at West Harbour Bluff on Providenciales.

Explore by Jeep or 4x4

Another great thing to do on Provo is to simply rent something fun to drive, and explore. The island has several central scenic (and paved!) coastal routes, including the Venetian Road and Turtle Tail area, Chalk Sound Drive, and the coastal road at the Blue Hills and Wheeland settlement.

If you’re looking for more adventure and excitement, the west coast national parks offer some fun off-road tracks. There’s West Harbour Bluff, Malcolm’s Road Beach, and the Northwest Point National Park to discover. High-clearance 4x4s, such as upgraded Jeep Wranglers, are recommended. Please stay on established roads and don’t drive on the beach, to avoid damaging the environment.

Regardless of whether you stay at a resort or villa, it’s typically best to rent a vehicle when visiting the Turks and Caicos. The country doesn’t have effective public transportation, so having your own vehicle will allow you to get out to some of our amazing beaches and sights.

The Wellington Collection gift shop in Turks and Caicos The Wellington Collection at Grace Bay.

Shopping at Grace Bay

A visit to the Turks and Caicos isn’t complete without a shopping trip to the galleries and stores at Grace Bay. At the Saltmills and Regent Village there are several stops you’ll want to make, including the Brilliant Studios Gallery, Anna's Art Gallery, and Potcake Place (to see some cute Potcake puppies!). There’s some great dining nearby as well, and popular Turk Berry for dessert. Other nearby plazas include Ports of Call, Le Vele Plaza, and Grace Bay Plaza.

South Caicos Cockburn Harbour on South Caicos.

Day Trip to South Caicos

Another day trip experience that offers a unique ambiance is a visit to South Caicos. This interesting island is often overlooked by visitors, yet the island presents an authentic look into the culture and history of the islands, and the perspective of a small fishing and salt island.

There isn’t much tourism development on South Caicos, just the historical settlement of Cockburn Harbour, secluded beaches, and remnants of the abandoned sea salt industry.

Small domestic flights and ferries provide transit between Providenciales and South Caicos, and it’s possible to do a day trip via one of the small island hopper planes. The quick air journey is fun on its own.

Yankee Town in Turks and Caicos Yankee Town on West Caicos. This company town supported the sisal industry.

Visit a Historical Site

The Turks and Caicos doesn’t have any impressive forts or monuments, yet there are some fascinating historical sites to be seen. The island of Grand Turk has some of the better sites, such as the Grand Turk Lighthouse, the Turks and Caicos National Museum, the Victorian-era H.M. Prison, and the colonial oceanfront Cockburn Town, yet Providenciales and our other islands all have some interesting places. On Providenciales, there’s Cheshire Hall Plantation, and on North Caicos and Middle Caicos is Wade's Green Plantation and Haulover Plantation, and Yankee Town on West Caicos is accessible by boat from Providenciales.

The Best Beaches on Providenciales

There’s So Much to See and Do!

E-foil boards
E-foil surfing with Fly TCI. E-foils are electric boards with a hydrofoil that allow users to glide above the surface of the water. This new water sport is easy to learn.

Your vacation in the Turks and Caicos is the perfect time to push your limits and try a new activity.

Freediving on the barrier reef and swim training in our shallow bays are unforgettable ways to experience the spectacular ocean and wildlife.

For those who prefer solid ground under their feet, a wilderness adventure may allow you to see natural and historical sights seen by very few others. There’s also great golfing at our award-winning Royal Turks and Caicos Golf Club in Grace Bay.

If you are interested in getting an unparalleled view of turquoise water, the barrier reef, and our luxury resorts, exciting parasailing is the perfect activity.

Traditional surfing, stand-up paddleboard surfing, and e-foil surfing, which uses an electric powered board, are all fun, exciting, and rewarding water sports.

Our Spectacular Outdoors

Clear ocean water and sunny day at Half Moon Bay Beach
A sunny day at the beautiful Half Moon Bay.

One of the best features of the Turks and Caicos are the sights, beaches and uninhabited islands that remain largely undiscovered and unexplored. Many boat excursions pick up guests directly on the beach fronting their resort–a perfect way to start the day!

If you make it away from the famous attractions of Grace Bay Beach, Leeward Beach, Half Moon Bay and Little Water Cay (amazing attractions in their own right!), you’ll get to experience the tranquil and undeveloped side of the country.

West Caicos is a great example. Due to its distance from Provo, the only way to get to this uninhabited island is by a custom boat charter. However, there is so much to enjoy: beautiful scenes, incredible snorkeling, cliff jumping, historical ruins and more.

Another great aspect of visiting the more-remote islands and coral reefs in the Turks and Caicos is the journey out. If you spend more time on the water, you’ll be far more likely to experience an unforgettable and spontaneous wildlife encounter. It could be a pod of wild dolphins, jumping eagle rays or snorkeling with humpback whales. Whale watching and snorkeling with whales in our clear waters is an incredible thing to do.

Jumping off the cliffs of the West Caicos Marine National Park
The cliffs at West Caicos.

Day Trips to our Outer Islands

On the other side of the country, North and Middle Caicos hide a treasure trove of landscapes and natural features, including caves, which are a National Trust site and the largest dry cave system in the Lucayan Archipelago, as well as secluded beaches and Loyalist historical ruins and cotton plantations. It’s easy to plan your visit from Providenciales. Simply reserve a rental car, catch the passenger ferry boat, and explore. Both islands are excellent for birdwatching, and it’s common to see flamingos at one of the wetland viewing spots such as Flamingo Pond Overlook or the Pumpkin Bluff Ponds.

Salt Cay and South Caicos, once mainstays of the sea salt industry, are two islands that haven’t changed much in the last century. There are the salinas, old colonial buildings, and a quiet atmosphere. Landscape and nature photographers will appreciate the sweeping coastal vistas and undeveloped coasts of these little islands.

Grand Turk is another great place to visit and is home to the nation’s capital city of Cockburn Town and the only cruise ship port in the Turks and Caicos. This island offers a quaint British-Bermudian beachfront town and many of the country’s top historical sights and tourist attractions, including the Grand Turk Lighthouse, the National Museum and H.M. Prison. There’s also Governor's Beach, one of the finest beaches in the Turks and Caicos.

Planning your own day trip to one of our less-inhabited islands or taking an outdoor adventure will allow you to experience an aspect of the Caribbean that few get to see.

Food and Drink Tours

Turks and Caicos steamed fish, coleslaw, and peas n' rice
Steamed fish, peas n' rice, and coleslaw. Locally caught snapper will almost always be served as a whole fish. If you get a fillet, it's likely imported!

The Turks and Caicos also offers some great culinary attractions! Providenciales has a great combination of fine dining and Caribbean cuisine restaurants, and the Fish Fry food and cultural event on Thursday. Local food often incorporates fresh seafood, with dishes such as conch salad, grilled lobster, and fried or steamed fish being general favorites.

We have some great beachfront and waterfront restaurants that are complete with a tropical ambiance of coconut palms and live music.

Some island tour guides also offer food tours, which visit several restaurants for their menu specialties, as well as pub crawls.

Our local Turk’s Head Brewery, found in central Providenciales, offers tours and an onsite tap room, where guests can enjoy all of the local beers and specials made at the brewery.