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Welcome to Providenciales!

A jewel in the Caribbean, Providenciales offers some of the most spectacular beaches and ocean water in the world. From the unparalleled and internationally acclaimed Grace Bay Beach to the sheltered and secluded Taylor Bay and Sapodilla Bay beaches, you’ll realize you’ve found paradise.

The most developed island in the country, Providenciales was only home to three quiet fishing villages until the 1980s, when the tourism boom began. Today, you are presented with a wide choice of luxury beachfront and all-inclusive resorts, villas and marinas.

With direct flights from Miami, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, London and Toronto, it’s easy to get here. As an English speaking British territory that uses the US Dollar, you’ll be able to do the things you want to do with convenience.

Divers and snorkellers will appreciate the undersea world of the Turks and Caicos. With over 70 miles of barrier reef within easy access of Providenciales, you’ll see fish, turtle, dolphins, rays and sharks as they were meant to be seen: in the wild. Because the country sits on an elevated underwater plateau, some of the best wall dive sites in the region are only a short boat ride away.

The culinary delights are another highlight of this island. Freshly caught seafood is of course the hallmark of the island’s fine dining, but the diverse international cuisines of the local restaurants create a tremendous selection of unique flavours to sample.

There’s a wide selection of watersports available on Providenciales, from tranquil wetland eco paddle boarding and kayaking, to the new and exciting sport of kiteboarding. We’re also home to an award-winning golf course, ranked amongst the top 10 in the Caribbean.

Providenciales provides everything you want in a tropical destination: unmatched beaches, a beautiful Caribbean environment and the luxury you deserve.

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