Outdoor artwork at the Saltmills Plaza in Grace Bay The art galleries of Grace Bay.
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Providenciales Shopping Plazas & Malls

Aerial view of Grace Bay, the Saltmills Plaza, and Regent Village
The central Grace Bay shopping region.

The island of Providenciales supports the majority of retail, shopping, and dining establishments in the Turks and Caicos. The majority of the tourism-oriented businesses of this type are found in plazas and enclaves in the inland Grace Bay region.

These complexes range in size from small plazas with a few units, up to the expansive Regent Village and Saltmills, and combine a little of the elements of both high streets in the United Kingdom and shopping malls in the United States. You’ll generally find a wide range of restaurants, art galleries, gift and souvenir shops, and professional services such as law offices, architects, and financial services.

In the central Grace Bay area, where most shops are located, two banks, the Graceway Gourmet supermarket, and a small police office can also be found.

Vacation and Gift Shopping

If you’d like to do a little gift or souvenir shopping, it often makes sense to find a suitable parking space (if you have a rental vehicle), and simply explore the Grace Bay area on foot. Most will find it unnecessary to drive the short distances between complexes.

Car Parking and Transport

Complimentary parking is available at every complex listed here, yet space may be a little limited at the smaller sites. In any case, it’s always possible to find an open space within walking distance.

Taxis can typically be found waiting at the larger plazas, including at Graceway Gourmet, the Regent Village, Saltmills Plaza, and Ports of Call, or at a nearby resort or hotel.

Shopping Plazas

La Petite Place
La Petite Place is a small tourism-oriented retail plaza, located in central Grace Bay near Ports of Call Plaza, One Season Plaza, and the Caicos Café Plaza. A few small shops and an ice cream parlor are found here.
Grace Bay Plaza
Grace Bay Plaza is a small retail plaza, located in the heart of Grace Bay. The complex is home to a pizzeria, an ice cream parlor, and a small playground for children. Close by is the Regent Village, and the Saltmills Plaza.
Ocean Club West Plaza
Ocean Club West Plaza is a small shopping enclave located in central Grace Bay. Several retail and water sports business offices are found here. Nearby is One Season Plaza, Ports of Call Plaza, and Caicos Café Plaza.
Neptune Plaza
Neptune Plaza is found in Grace Bay on Providenciales. This small complex is located on Allegro Road, and within walking distance of many accommodations in Grace Bay. A restaurant, pharmacy, professional offices, and a small private medical practice are located here.
Ports of Call
Ports of Call is a shopping plaza located in Grace Bay. There's a range of bars, restaurants, and shops located here, and the site has whimsical pirate-themed statues and decorations. Close by is One Season Plaza, and Caicos Café Plaza.
Grace Bay Market
Grace Bay Market is a small dining and shopping complex, located in the Grace Bay region on Providenciales. Onsite are the popular Turks Kebab and Pork Shack restaurants.
Saltmills Plaza
The Saltmills Plaza is a retail and professional enclave, located in the heart of Grace Bay on Providenciales. The plaza is home to many shops, a police station, a bank, law firms, and government offices. Adjacent to the Saltmills Plaza are the Regent Village and Le Vele Plaza.
Caicos Café Plaza
Caicos Café Plaza is a small retail and dining enclave, centrally located in Grace Bay. Onsite is the popular Caicos Café gourmet restaurant, a bakery, several shops and galleries, and professional services. The plaza is within walking distance of many hotels and resorts.
Le Vele Plaza
Le Vele Plaza offers a modern and elegant shopping and dining setting in central Grace Bay on Providenciales. This two-story complex is home to luxury retail shops, restaurants, and professional offices.
One Season Plaza
One Season is a small and elegant shopping and dining plaza located in the heart of Grace Bay. The plaza is home to the Terrace restaurant and several small boutiques and professional offices.
Regent Village
The Regent Village is an expansive upscale retail and commercial plaza in the heart of Grace Bay. The site is home to several restaurants, art galleries, shops, and professional offices. Nearby are the Saltmills Plaza and Le Vele Plaza.
Graceway Plaza
Graceway Plaza is a shopping and professional services complex, located on Leeward Highway in central Providenciales. The expansive Graceway IGA supermarket is the primary business on site, and the Turks and Caicos branch of RBC Bank is adjacent to the complex.