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The Blue Hills coastal road and the Bethany Baptist Church.

Blue Hills

Blue Hills, Providenciales

Blue Hills is a settlement on the northwestern coast of Providenciales. The area is primarily residential, although small scale commercial and industrial operations are in the area. Several local restuarants are located along the coast.


Blue Hills is the oldest settlement on Providenciales, and at one time, the entire island carried the name. After the salt industry began to take hold on Grand Turk and Salt Cay in the 1600s, small numbers of people settled Providenciales and started to eke out a living on subsistence farming, fishing, and eventually ship salvaging (wrecking).

In the late 1700s, Cheshire Hall plantation was constructed and prospects for this island improved a bit. The settlements of Five Cays and The Bight gradually came into existence around this time.

Blue Hills used to be the home of wreck salvaging in the Turks and Caicos. As the many recorded wrecks can attest to, the barrier reef off the north and west coast of Providenciales was quite hazardous to seafarers before satellite GPS become common.

A Caicos Sloop on Blue Hills Beach, Providenciales.

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