Luxury villa at Turtle Tail, Providenciales.
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Turtle Tail

Vacation villas on Turtle Tail Beach.

Found on the south coast of Providenciales, Turtle Tail is a coastal luxury residential region, and offers some of the finest vistas on the island.

Turtle Tail is a narrow peninsula that largely separates the interior Flamingo Pond and Juba Point Salina from the ocean and Caicos Banks. At the far eastern end of the peninsula, a small channel allows tidal movement into the ponds, and divides Turtle Tail from the Long Bay region of Providenciales.

A few beautiful and tiny islands are found off the coast, including Bristol Cay, the Dick Penn Cays, and the Bird Egg Cays. It’s possible to wade out to the Dick Penn Cays from the largest beach in the area. Similar to Chalk Sound Lagoon, the water in the area is a brilliant turquoise.

Vacation Rental Villas

Quite a few rental vacation villas are located at Turtle Tail, and they range in size from small guest houses, to the expansive mansion of the late pop icon Prince, complete with its own purple driveway.

Turtle Tail is a very peaceful and private region of Providenciales. Other than Bob's Bar at South Side Marina, there are no restaurants, shops or large resorts. Harbour Club Villas is found in this area.

Driving and Transportation

The long, winding and recently paved Venetian Road is the only access into Turtle Tail, and is one of the finest scenic drives in the country.

As is the case for many vacation villa regions on Providenciales, we highly advise that visitors staying in the area rent a car for the duration of their stay.

The Terrain and Landscapes

Aerial view of Turtle Tail.

Limestone hills and bluffs define the terrain at Turtle Tail. The peaks of the elevations, at Bristol Hill and Jim Hill, reach about 75 feet (23 m).

There’s not much soil in the area so vegetation tends to grow quite close to the ground, especially on the windward slopes.

Much of the shore at Turtle Tail is low limestone ironshore cliff, but several small yet beautiful beaches interrupt the coast in places. Some of these beaches are so small as to disappear at high tide.

Although exposed to the constant eastern trade winds, ocean conditions on a breezy day do become choppy, yet large waves and swells are absent due to the expansive and shallow Caicos Banks.

Real Estate

Real estate in Turtle Tail, due to the spectacular views and the isolated, private, yet central location, carries a pricing premium.

At this time, the majority of Turtle Tail remains undeveloped. However, this area and Long Bay are currently seeing quite a few ongoing construction projects.