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The Turks and Caicos is a small archipelago nation found south of the Bahamas. We’re home to spectacular beaches, a pristine marine environment, luxury resorts and fine dining.

The unrivalled and world famous Grace Bay Beach on Providenciales has captured countless awards and recognition. Never crowded, the brilliant turquoise and blue ocean hues and soft white sand of this beach is true paradise.

With the third largest barrier reef in the world, the snorkelling and diving here is exceptional. See vibrant coral, dolphins, turtles, stingrays and colourful fish in their natural environment.

It’s easy to get to the Turks and Caicos, with direct flights from New York, Miami, Boston, London Toronto and many other North American cities.

Offering a diversity of cuisines, Providenciales has become an exceptional destination for gourmet dining. Freshly-caught conch, lobster and fish factor into many dishes, but international twists and fusions are what makes the island’s restaurants so delicious.

The Turks and Caicos Islands, through its status as a British Overseas Territory, is a stable democracy with English as the official language. Due to the small size of the country, we don’t issue our own money and instead use the US Dollar as the accepted currency in the islands.

There's so much to do and discover here in paradise. Pristine beaches, crystal clear and warm ocean water, abundant marine life and beautiful tropical wetlands are yours to explore. Quite simply, we're the best of the Caribbean.

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The Turks and Caicos is found halfway between the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic, and is only 90 minutes by plane from Miami and 3 hours and 40 minutes from New York.

Six main inhabited islands and many smaller cays compose the Turks and Caicos Islands. Providenciales is home to the majority of the population, but the capital of the country and only cruise ship port is located on the island of Grand Turk.

The laid-back and quiet islands of North Caicos, Middle Caicos, South Caicos and Salt Cay offer the rare experience of Caribbean islands untouched by tourism.


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