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Sandy Point Beach and Parrot Cay.

Sandy Point Beach

Beach Information
Do Not Touch Fish or Coral
No Lifeguard
No Littering
No Open Fires
Our Opinion
A peaceful place to explore, Sandy Point offers decent swimming conditions at many spots.
3 star rating for Sandy Point Beach by Visit Turks and Caicos Islands
The water off of Sandy Point Beach, North Caicos.

Found at the northwest of North Caicos, the lonely 2 miles (3.2 kilometres) long Sandy Point Beach is an interesting place to explore. Some sections of this beach is rocky, yet decent sections can be found.

Overall, Whitby Beach, Hollywood Beach and Pumpkin Bluff Beach tend to offer better swimming conditions.

There are two general regions of Sandy Point Beach; the extreme northwest point on North Caicos, which is accessed from the marina area, and the secluded eastern half.

Parrot Cay can be seen directly across the channel at Sandy Point.

The eastern portion of Sandy Point Beach features a unique landscape, with groves of the small-in-stature thatch palm on top of semi-lithified dune cliff.

The Marina and Passenger Ferry

Sandy Point Beach, North Caicos.

Sandy Point Beach is within short walking distance of the marina where the passenger ferry docks, and it’s a place to spend a bit of time if you’re waiting for boat.

Likewise, if you’re planning a day trip to North and Middle Caicos, Sandy Point makes sense as the final stop of the day.

Mosquitoes and Sand Fleas

See Mosquitoes in the Turks and Caicos.

Due to being sheltered from the typical east southeast trade winds, Sandy Point Beach (and the adjacent Sandy Point Marina) can have a sand flea (biting midge) and mosquito problem at times. Although long sleeve clothing and insect repellent can improve the situation, it’s best to simply try one of the other excellent North Caicos beaches when the pests are prevalent.

Map & Locations


Beach Accesses

Central Access
The path here leads to what is probably the best section of Sandy Point Beach.
East End Access
The several beach accesses in this area lead to the east end of Sandy Point Beach.
Sandy Point Marina Access
This access is found quite close to Sandy Point Marina.