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Boat in the waters of Water Cay.

Providenciales Boat Cruises

A beach, BBQ and snorkelling cruise on Providenciales.

Next to relaxing at one of our incredible beaches, boat cruises are the most popular activity on Providenciales.

Along with offering spectacular views of the Turks and Caicos ocean, excursions often include visits to the iguanas at Little Water Cay, and stops on the amazing beaches of Half Moon Bay, Water Cay, Pine Cay or Fort George Cay, and snorkelling.

Depending on where you’re staying, cruises may either pick you up on the beach outside your resort (if you’re staying in Grace Bay), or (in some cases) offer free transport to and from your accommodation.

Excursions are typically half or full day activities. It varies by business, but lunch is often include when the cruise spans the midday hours.

Snorkelling from a boat cruise on the barrier reef of Providenciales.


Most cruises offer complimentary use of snorkelling equipment and often stop at snorkelling sites, but be aware that conditions can greatly affect your experience depending on the location.

Nearly all of the beach and BBQ cruises (the most popular type of cruise) head to the uninhabited Caicos cays to the east of Providenciales. There are definitely amazing snorkelling sites in this region, but weather conditions can at times cause poor visibility and choppiness.

For those looking for the best underwater experience, consider selecting a dedicated snorkelling cruise. You’ll be more likely to visit the best sites that the conditions allow for.


There are a wide array of local businesses offering boat cruises. It's important to understand that the four groups below are our general categories, but each company’s tours are unique, and may combine two of the classes together (such as a party cruise at sunset). Such business will be shown in both categories.