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the turquoise water and small islands of Chalk Sound National Park Islands in Chalk Sound, Providenciales.

Providenciales Natural and Historical Attractions

Chalk Sound National Park
Chalk Sound is a brilliant turquoise lagoon filled with hundreds of little rocky islands. On calm days, this is an excellent location for kayaking and paddle boarding. Many residential and rental villas are located here, along with the beautiful Sapodilla Bay and Taylor Bay beaches.
Cheshire Hall Plantation
This quiet site is a window into the past of the Caicos Islands. Situated on a hilltop near the downtown area, Cheshire Hall offers the best-preserved plantation era ruins on Providenciales. Built by Loyalist planter Thomas Stubbs in the late 1700s, this site produced cotton and sisal for export.
Caicos Conch Farm
The only such farm in the world, here the life cycle of the Queen Conch is explained in detail. Although severally damaged by recent hurricanes, this is still something that will appeal to those interested in the giant sea snail that is the conch.
Northwest Point National Park
The remote and rugged limestone coastline of Northwest Point offers countless small coves and cliffs to explore. A great place to spend an afternoon, the interior ponds here are some of the best birdwatching spots on Providenciales. An especially impressive spot when the ocean swell is high.
Sapodilla Bay Hill Rock Carvings
Found on a little hill overlooking South Dock, Sapodilla Bay Beach and Chalk Sound, this historical site still bears inscriptions from travellers and shipwrecked sailors from time past. There’s not much left of the centuries-old rock carvings, but the views from this point are spectacular and are definitely worth the hike.
Turk's Head Brewery
The country's only brewery offers tours of the their facility in a guided tour. Learn about how beer and ale is produced and the history of brewing in the Turks and Caicos.
The Hole
This interesting and natural sinkhole is located in Long Bay Hills. With a diameter and depth of 60 feet, salt water can be found at the bottom. Be aware that this site does not have any guard rails or proper footpaths. It is an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS site.
West Harbour Bluff
West Harbor Bluff is the southwest point of Providenciales. Several interesting features are found at this picturesque coastline including cliffs, a small cave, 200 year-old rock carvings and a mile of secluded beach to explore. Directly to the north of this bay is the Frenchman’s Creek Nature Reserve.
JoJo the Dolphin
This wild bottlenose dolphin has shown a unique trait: he freely interacts with humans. Considered a national treasure, Jojo cruises the ocean off Providenciales and the Caicos Cays and may be seen at any time. He’s easily recognized by his heavy scarring (caused by multiple accidental boat strikes).
Bird Rock Trail
Located on the far eastern point of Providenciales, this trail leads through beautiful coastal and marine wetlands. The trail terminates near Bird Rock, offering great views over the Caicos Banks and the surrounding wilderness.
Frenchmans Creek and Pigeon Pond Nature Reserve
Frenchman’s Creek and Pigeon Pond Nature Reserve is the largest section of protected land on Providenciales and covers an area that’s roughly two by four miles. Several different types of local terrains are represented here, including mangrove wetlands, sandy beaches, sea cliffs and inland saline ponds.
National Environmental Centre (Providenciales)
Also the headquarters for the Department of Environment and Maritime Affairs (DEMA), the National Environmental Centre has a gallery and exhibits on local fish, fauna and wildlife found throughout the islands. Also serves as a meeting venue for events related to environmental protection in the islands.

Coasts, Wetlands and Historical Sights

the sheltered Northwest Point Pond Nature Reserve on Providenciales
Wetlands on Providenciales.

Tired of lounging on Grace Bay Beach? Check out some of Provo’s sights and tourist attractions. Many of the beautiful sites on Providenciales largely revolve around the island’s incredible natural beauty of beaches, coasts and wetlands.

Unlike many other Caribbean countries, we don’t have any large forts, sugar cane plantations or rum distilleries to visit. Most sites tend to not be very extensive, so you’ll be able to check quite a few off the list with only a few hours of exploring by car. Simply decide what you’d like to see, consult the map and discover Providenciales.

The Turk and Caicos offer countless uninhabited cays, and many of these destinations hide exquisite beaches, unspoiled landscapes and historical sights. Boat excursions are a top vacation activity and visit these sites, and tours often include stops at a snorkelling reef and Little Water Cay, where the friendly Turks and Caicos Rock Iguana can be seen. One convenient aspect to these tours is that Grace Bay Beach pickup from your hotel or resort is usually complimentary, so you won’t have to worry about transport.

Chalk Sound

The vibrant turquoise water and countless tiny rocky cays of the Chalk Sound National Park is our top recommended sight to see on the island. The water of this sheltered lagoon is especially brilliant at midday, and the vibrant colour of the water is truly breath taking.

A unique and intricate terrain can be found in parts of Chalk Sound and the Frenchman’s Creek Nature Reserve. Locally called ironshore, this scenery is composed of exposed bits of weathered-sculpted limestone interspersed with patches of stunted and salt-resistant vegetation. Evidence of the Karst process of dissolution is evident as well, with miniature sinkholes and caves being quite common. Globally, the ironshore landscape is incredibly rare, and is only found at a few location in the Turks and Caicos and southern Bahamas.

Wetlands and Waterways

the tidal channel into the red mangrove forests of Mangrove Cay in the Turks and Caicos
Kayaking at Mangrove Cay.

Outpaced only by the excellent beaches found throughout the country, our tidal marine wetlands are spectacular and pristine.

The wetland islands of Mangrove Cay and Donna Cay, found close off of Leeward on Providenciales, are the most popular kayaking and paddle boarding locations on the island due to their ease of access.

There are several protected nature regions on the west coast of the island as well, and although spectacular, they are remote and seldom visited. Two such areas are Northwest Point and West Harbour Bluff, which offer majestic coastlines. A bit wilder, the interior wetlands of Frenchman’s Creek are an excellent birdwatching and nature photography location. Ospreys and brown pelicans can often be seen sailing by in these beautiful wilderness areas.

See our guide to the national parks and nature reserves of Providenciales.

If you’d like to explore our mangrove channels and see juvenile sharks, stingrays, turtles, fish and conch, the best way is to book a guided kayak or paddle boarding eco-tour with one of our local water sports businesses.

Historical Sights

the crumbling ruins of the Great House at Cheshire Hall Plantation in the Turks and Caicos
The Great House ruin at Cheshire Hall Plantation.

Whereas the Turks Islands of Grand Turk and Salt Cay had the sea salt industry generating income, the Caicos Islands group supported cotton and sisal plantations.

During the height of the era, Providenciales had about six expansive plantations, which were constructed by Loyalists that left the budding United States after the War of Independence. Cheshire Hall Plantation near Downtown is the only such site open to the public today.

Museums and Educational Attractions

The Caicos Conch Farm is one of the oldest and tourist attractions in the country. This unique farm offers a close-up look at the life of the unique and iconic creature that is the queen conch. There’s other sights as well, including fish and at times, rescued turtles.

There are only a few indoor attractions on Providenciales, and although small, they are interesting.

The future site of the Providenciales branch of the Turks and Caicos National Museum (on Grand Turk) currently only houses a small indoor collection in addition to a small botanical garden, however there are plans for a modern and large complex in the future.

The National Environmental Centre (Providenciales), located opposite the Children’s Park Bight Beach access, is home to a small exhibition hall and offers insights on the geology and ecology of the Turks and Caicos. There’s fascinating information here on the endemic and indigenous plant and animal life of the Turks and Caicos.

Day Trips and Visits to Our Other Islands

Karst process features in Conch Bar Caves
Conch Bar Caves on Middle Caicos.

If you’re interested in natural and historic sight, consider taking a day trip from Provo to one of our outer islands.

Along with being the home of some of the best landscapes in the Turks and Caicos, North and Middle Caicos offers caves, blue holes, and Loyalist plantations to explore. The majestic Mudjin Harbour on Middle Caicos is one of the most impressive coasts we have.

Grand Turk is favoured as a diving destination, yet the island is likewise great for historical buffs, with the National Museum, the country’s only lighthouse, salinas, and old Cockburn Town.

Salt Cay and South Caicos, untouched by tourism, likewise have fascinating remnants of the salt industry, with complex networks of walls, salina gates and inlets.

A great family activity is a boat cruise visit to Little Water Cay and Half Moon Bay. Here you’ll see, an uninhabited island (no hotels or resorts lining the beach!), an exquisite beach, and the endangered Turks and Caicos Rock Iguana. Food and drinks are often included on boat charters.