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The incredible Governor's Beach on Grand Turk.
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Beaches of Grand Turk

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Grand Turk has some excellent beaches on it's western coast. Most notable is Governor's Beach, located a short distance from the Grand Turk Cruise Center.

North of Governor's Beach is Cockburn Town Beach and Pillory Beach. Both of these are nice beaches, and many of the accommodation choices on Grand Turk are located in this region. Some villas are located right on the beach.

The eastern coast, East Side Beach, is a 3.7 mile (6 km) sandy beach. However, due to it's location it has seaweed and other debris scattered across it, and the water is usually choppy. It's nice for walking and excellent for beach combing, but not good for swimming.

On the southern tip of the island are Boaby Rock Point and White Sands Beach.

Key Points

  • Some boat operators are extremely reckless which has resulted in tourists being killed. You should be extremely careful of boat traffic in your area and watch your children. This is especially common with banana boat and other wake ride operators, some of which are unlicenced and uninsured. Being hit by a boat will most likely kill you.
  • All accesses to the beach are free.
  • All beaches are public, including beaches in front of resorts and private residences.
  • Fishing without a licence or in National Parks is illegal and carries significant fines and possible jail time. This includes collecting conch and lobster.
  • Secluded beaches carry an increased risk of crime, both to person and property. Don't leave valuables in your car or on the beach unattended. Read our Safety and Crime section for more information.
  • Some beaches are very remote and there may not be any other people around to provide assistance in an emergency. Exercise caution and be aware of currents, surf conditions and hidden hazards.
Cockburn Town Beach
This is the beach right in front of Cockburn Town. The beach can be narrow in several areas depending on tides. Snorkelling spots are located along this beach and there are several jetties and sea walls to sit and enjoy the view. Within easy walking distance are several restaurants and many street vendors. Many of Grand Turk’s villas are located on this beach and nearby.
Governor's Beach
The residence of the Turks and Caicos’s Governor is located directly on this spectacular beach. The beach is within walking distance from the Cruise Centre, and on days when cruise ships are in port, you can find many passengers swimming and snorkelling here. Beach vendors sell souvenirs and cold drinks and bathroom facilities are available at this beach.
Cruise Center Beach
Actually a continuation of Governor's Beach, the beach in front of the Cruise Center is excellent, although it can get a bit crowded when a cruise ship is in.
Pillory Beach
Found to the north of Cockburn Town, Pillory Beach continues up the coast two miles (3.2km) towards the Lighthouse and North Reef. The water here tends to be shallow and not great for swimming, but it’s one of the better spots for snorkeling from shore on Grand Turk.
English Point
English Point is situated between Governor’s Beach and Cockburn Town. This beach is a mixture of low lying rocks and sand and depending on the weather can have some surf.
White Sands Beach
White Sands Beach is a secluded 1.5 mile (2.4km) stretch of coast on the southeast of Grand Turk. The water here is very shallow with large amounts of seaweed, so it’s a poor location for swimming or snorkeling. For cruise ship visitors looking to explore on their own, it’s a one to two mile (1.5-3km) walk down the beach from the Cruise Center.
Boaby Rock Point
Boaby Rock Point is the southernmost point of Grand Turk. This secluded area has patches of beach between small rocky sections, and Casuarina trees line the coast. Swimming here isn’t quite as nice as at the Cruise Center and Governor’s beaches, but the beachcombing is far superior due to wave patterns and the fewer visitors. The point is a third of a mile (.5km) walk from the Cruise Center.
East Side Beach
Located on the eastern coast of Grand Turk, this long sandy beach extends for several miles. There is very little development on this beach. Seaweed and wood frequently wash up on this beach, making it an excellent spot for beach combers.