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Waves breaking at Malcolms Road Beach.

Malcolm's Road Beach

Beach Information
Increased Crime Risk
Do not touch fish or coral
No Lifeguard
No Littering
No Open Fires
Remote Location
Rough Roads
Our Opinion
A very scenic stretch of coastline with great snorkeling, but the isolation and associated crime risk should be considered.
5 star rating for Malcolm's Road Beach by Visit Turks and Caicos Islands
The wash at Malcolms Road.

Found off the west coast of Providenciales, Malcolm Roads is a scenic remote one and a third mile long beach. Due to being very close to the edge of the Caicos Islands plateau, this beach is more exposed to the ocean swells than the other beaches on the island and offers a bit of a different character. Unlike the other popular beaches on Providenciales, Malcolm Roads Beach has a few sections of low rocky cliffs, and large ocean-worn rocks have been piled up by waves in other areas.

Le trésor de Pago Pago

Freediving at the Thunderdome.

In the early 1990s, Malcolm Roads was the site of French game show Le trésor de Pago Pago. Tiki huts and a Mad Max style underwater thunderdome were constructed for this survivor challenge television show. Unfortunately, one of the challenges involved free diving into the underwater cage, collecting “pearls”, getting air from a scuba tank, and then returning to the surface. Several contestants received lung over-expansion injuries and Le trésor de Pago Pago was canceled. For about ten years the tiki huts were a popular spot for locals to spend the day until the area was taken over by the exclusive Amanyara Resort.

Malcolm Roads Beach is part of the Northwest Point National Park.

Snorkelling and Shore Diving

The beautiful snorkelling at Malcolm's Road Beach.

Malcolm Roads Beach along with Smith’s Reef offer the best snorkelling and diving from shore on the island, but due to ocean conditions and difficulty of access, it’s best to visit with someone familiar with the area. Although a bit too far off to swim to, many of the best Providenciales dive sites are also found off the coast here. On calm days, many dive boats can be seen off the coast.


The collapsed thunderdome from Le trésor de Pago Pago.

There is only one designated access to Malcolm Roads, and it’s found by following the three mile unpaved road on the left directly after the pavement of Millennium Highway ends to its conclusion at the ocean. (No official name exists for this road, some call it “Malcolm Road”, or “Amanyara Road”). Here, a paved parking area and small pavilion are found.

Several bulldozed tracks put in by failed developments also lead to various points along the beach, but these poor condition roads have gotten increasingly worse over the last few years.


Malcolm Roads Beach is located in a remote area and there is a greater crime risk due to this seclusion. In the past few years, there have been a few cases of armed robberies against people visiting the beaches in this area. Considering the fewer numbers that visit Malcolm Roads Beach compared to Grace Bay and the other frequented beaches, the risk of crime is higher. See Safety and Crime.

Map & Locations


Beach Accesses

Main Access
The main access and parking area for Malcolm Roads Beach.