Shallow and clear ocean water at Bambarra Beach with Pelican Cay on the horizon Pelican Cay and the vivid ocean at Bambarra Beach, Middle Caicos.
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Bambarra Beach

Middle Caicos
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Bambarra Beach is one of the calmer and nicer beaches on Middle Caicos. Pelican Cay, the island out in the bay, is much further out than it looks. There's ample shade from the trees growing on the shore.
5-star rating for Bambarra Beach by Visit Turks and Caicos Islands
Bambarra Beach on the island of Middle Caicos in the Turks and Caicos
Bambarra Beach offers shallow ocean water, is typically quite calm as well.

Bambarra Beach is a beautiful and long coast found on the central north coast of Middle Caicos. This beach is on an extensive and shallow bay, so the water here is calm, clear, and a little warmer than on the surrounding coasts.

This beach fronts the small historical settlement of Bambarra, which has stood since the days of the Loyalist plantations in the late 1700s.

Bambarra Beach is a great and calm coast for swimming or relaxing at. It makes a great stop after visiting the majestic Mudjin Harbour, where the surf and swell can be far more powerful. Consequently, Bambarra Beach is a great place to visit with small children due to the tranquil ocean conditions.

A small pier for local fishing boats is found here, along with several small tiki huts. Casuarina trees line the coastline, and provide excellent and dense shade.

There’s no decent snorkeling near Bambarra Beach. See North and Middle Caicos Snorkeling for location and reef information.

Small fishing motorboats anchored at Bambarra Beach
Fishing boats at Bambarra Beach, Middle Caicos.

Pelican Cay

The uninhabited rock of Pelican Cay is found in the bay fronting Bambarra. Like many of the little cays and rocks on the northern coasts of the Caicos Islands, this island is primarily marine limestone, with limited amounts of salt-resistant coastal vegetation on top.

Visitors to Bambarra Beach may feel tempted to walk out through the water to Pelican Cay, but be aware that it’s almost half a mile (0.8 km) off the coast and water depth increases further out. Don’t attempt to wade or swim to the cay.

Valentine’s Day Cup Model Sailboat Race

Every year in February, the colorful Valentine’s Day Cup model sailboat race takes place on Bambarra Beach. This cultural celebration features model Caicos Sloop races, beach BBQs, and live music.

Mosquitoes and Biting Midges

As is sometimes the case throughout North Caicos and Middle Caicos, mosquitoes and ‘no-see-ums' (biting midges) can be present at times. Consider bringing insect repellent.

Finding Bambarra Beach

Model sailboats and racers at Bambarra Beach during the Valentine's Day Cup Race
The annual Valentine's Day Cup model sailboat race held at Bambarra Beach.

Navigation across North Caicos and Middle Caicos is simple, as the road layout across the two islands is quite linear. From the passenger ferry port at Sandy Point or Bellefield Landing, simply travel on the main paved road across North Caicos, cross the causeway, and continue on the main paved road that leads through Middle Caicos.

If you stay on this main road, you pass the entrance to Dragon Cay Resort and Mudjin Harbour, and Indian Cave. Take the first paved left at the small power substation, which is before the Middle Caicos Airport and Conch Bar Caves.

You’ll now be in the village of Conch Bar. Take the first paved right, which is the start of an extensive paved road that leads to Bambarra and Lorimers.

Bambarra Beach Access

The Bambarra Landing Beach Access 🡓 is located at the popular and colorful beach huts, and is close to the small pier on the beach.

The only tricky part in getting to Bambarra Beach is finding the final beach access road. You’ll want to stay on the road from Conch Bar for 5.5 miles (8.8 km), and the access is on the left. Look for an unpaved road with a few small coconut palms. If the road makes an abrupt right at a cut in the soft limestone hill, you’ve just passed the turn.

Once on the beach access road, continue for 0.75 miles (1.2 km) to the ocean. Check the map below. The parking area with the tiki huts at Bambarra Landing is the main access to this beach.