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Pelican Cay and the vivid ocean at Bambarra Beach, Middle Caicos.

Bambarra Beach

Beach Information
Do not touch fish or coral
No Lifeguard
No Littering
No Open Fires
Our Opinion
Bambarra Beach is one of the calmer and nicer beaches on Middle Caicos. The island out in the water is further out than it looks!
5 star rating for Bambarra Beach by Visit Turks and Caicos Islands
Fishing boats at Bambarra Beach, Middle Caicos.

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Found off the north coast of Middle Caicos, this beach fronts the small settlement of Bambarra. Due to the crystal water, clean sand and calm conditions, Bambarra Beach is a great beach for swimming or simply relaxing. For these reasons, it also one of the best beaches on Middle Caicos for small children.

A small pier for local fishing boats can also be found here, along with several small tiki-huts. Casuarina trees line the coastline, and provide excellent shade.

The annual Valentine's Day Cup model sailboat race held at Bambarra Beach.

Visitors to Bambarra Beach may feel tempted to walk out through the shallow water to Pelican Cay, but be aware that it’s almost half a mile (.8 km) off the coast.

Every year in February, the Valentine’s Day Cup model sailboat race takes place on Bambarra Beach.

There’s no decent snorkelling near Bambarra Beach.

Mosquitoes and Biting Midges

As is sometimes the case throughout North Caicos and Middle Caicos, mosquitoes and no see ums (biting midges) can be present at times. Consider bringing insect repellent.


The parking area with the tiki huts at Bambarra Landing is the main access to this beach.

Map & Locations


Beach Accesses

Bambarra Landing
The main access for Bambarra Beach. A 4000 foot (1200 meter) sandy road leads from the paved road to the beach. Tiki-huts and a small pier can be found in this area.