The Regent Village at Grace Bay.
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Grace Bay

Grace Bay
The exquisite Grace Bay Beach.

The Grace Bay region on the island of Providenciales is the center of tourism, upscale shopping, and dining in the Turks and Caicos. Many of the island’s resorts and hotels are located in this area.

Grace Bay is located on the northeastern side of Providenciales, and spans an area roughly 0.5 miles (0.8 km) by 2 miles (3.2 km). It’s bordered by The Bight community on its west side, Leeward on its east side, and the Long Bay area to the southeast. Abstractly, the expansive Beaches Turks and Caicos family all-inclusive resort defines the western edge of Grace Bay, and on the east by the Venetian condo-resort and Leeward Beach.

Grace Bay Beach

Grace Bay Beach
The western side of Grace Bay Beach, with the Somerset Resort and the all-inclusive Alexandra Resort.

The world-famous Grace Bay Beach is the top attraction in the Turks and Caicos and on Providenciales, and on a calm and sunny day, the brilliant white sand and crystal turquoise water of this coast are simply breathtaking. Grace Bay is perfect for a wide array of water sports and activities, including kayaking, paddleboarding, sailing, parasailing, and more.

Grace Bay Beach itself doesn’t have any great snorkeling spots accessible from the beach, with the closest beach reef being found at the Bight Reef (Coral Gardens) on the western end of Grace Bay. The barrier reef off Grace Bay however offers spectacular corals, fish, and underwater sights, yet is only accessible by boat.

Grace Bay Beach Accesses

There are many established public beach accesses in Grace Bay, all with free parking. There is no admission fee to use the beach. See Grace Bay Beach for detailed access information, parking, and locations.

Resorts and Hotels at Grace Bay

The Grace Bay region.

Grace Bay offers a wealth of accommodations to choose from, including both beachfront and inland choices, with all-inclusive, luxury, and vacation rental options. Many of the large beachfront resorts have a collection of amenities that includes a pool, spa, onsite restaurant and bar, bicycles, Hobie Cat sailboats, kayaks, paddleboards, beach loungers, umbrellas, or cabanas.

Each Grace Bay resort offers its own ambiance, which is part of what makes the Turks and Caicos such a special Caribbean destination. Some, such as Seven Stars, The Palms, and the Grace Bay Club, specialize in luxury stays, and other boutique resorts such as Point Grace are perfect for weddings, honeymoons, and intimate getaways.

Villas, Vacation Rentals, and Condos

Grace Bay also features a collection of inland hotels and condos, villas, and vacation rentals, and some great nightly rates can be found at accommodations such as Ports of Call Resort, Villa del Mar, the Oasis at Grace Bay, and Island Club.

Restaurants at Grace Bay

The center of fine dining in the Turks and Caicos is the Grace Bay area, and there are dozens of excellent restaurants to try.

Some top choices and popular establishments that are within easy walking distance of the central resorts include Bay Bistro, Seven at Seven Stars resort, Coco Bistro and Cocovan Airstream Lounge, Turks Kebab, Hemingway's Restaurant, Coyaba, and Yoshi’s.

Shopping, Attractions, Services, and Banks

The Graceway Gourmet supermarket in central Grace Bay on Providenciales
Graceway Gourmet supermarket in Grace Bay.

Grace Bay is home to many of the luxury and tourism-related shops and art galleries in the Turks and Caicos. Such stores are often located in small plazas, at sites such as the Saltmills, Regent Village, and Ports of Call.

Graceway Gourmet supermarket is located in the center of the Grace Bay area not far from the Seven Stars roundabout and the Ritz-Carlton. Along with a wide selection of fresh groceries, this store also serves prepared foods, sandwiches, salads, cold drinks, coffee, and pastries.

ATMs can be found inside the Graceway Gourmet Supermarket.

Grace Bay Pharmacy and Grace Bay Medical Center, where there is typically at least one doctor present during business hours, are located in central Grace Bay and near Graceway Gourmet. Nightlife and evening activities are largely centered around restaurants, pubs, and bars, sometimes with live music. Some resorts, such as the Seven Stars and the Somerset, do occasionally host beach bonfire and BBQ events, which can be fun. An evening resort pass to the all-inclusive Club Med Turkoise is another option and a great value. Our top recommended thing to do in the evening is to take a sunset cruise, which often departs from Leeward, or may include guest pickup on the beach in Grace Bay. Casablanca Casino, located in Grace Bay, is another option.

The award-winning Royal Turks and Caicos Golf Club, which is home to a beautiful 18-hole course, is found on the eastern side of Grace Bay. The club offers 19 Bar and Restaurant, an elegant casual restaurant and bar, and tennis courts.

If you’re seeking your very own property in the Turks and Caicos, Grace Bay is also the home of most real estate agent offices on the island.

Transportation and Getting Around Grace Bay

As is generally the case throughout the Turks and Caicos, the transportation options at Grace Bay are largely confined to rental cars, taxis, cycling, and walking. The Grace Bay area is generally confined, and navigation is simple. A map is typically not needed.

Airport Transport and Grace Bay

The Grace Bay region is located about 10 minutes by car from the Providenciales International Airport. Typically, for guests renting a car, we highly advise picking up your rental at the airport to save on time and expensive taxi costs.

For those that would prefer not to rent a car or pick it up at the airport, both taxi and private car services can provide transfers to your accommodation. Taxis from the airport are typically shared, with wait times per departure. Private car services will pick up guests directly outside the airport with no delay.

Some of the all-inclusive resorts do offer complimentary airport transfers for their guests.

Walking Distances

Grace Bay Road, Providenciales.

For many of the central Grace Bay resorts, it is a viable option to walk to some restaurants, shops, and plazas. It’s important to keep in mind that the sun and heat in the Turks and Caicos are often intense, so it may not be pleasant to attempt the longer distances. Most roads in Grace Bay have concrete pedestrian sidewalks.

The central Grace Bay ‘strip’ is considered to be the span from about Le Vele Plaza and the Saltmills Plaza to about the Ports of Call area. Inside this zone are the Regent Village, Grace Bay Plaza, Caicos Café Plaza, many restaurants, and the small Graceway Gourmet grocery store.

Taxis and Ride Hailing

Taxis, which traditionally in the Turks and Caicos are large passenger vans, can be found waiting at some resorts in Grace Bay, and often at the Graceway Gourmet supermarket. If a taxi is called to a location, delays are typically 10-30 minutes.

Car Rentals

We typically advise that all guests rent a car or jeep for the duration of their stay, as it’ll allow the freedom to visit our many beautiful beaches, attractions, and restaurants, as well as save on costly airport transfers.

Most of the roads in Grace Bay and on Providenciales, in general, are paved, so compact cars will often be sufficient, yet if there’s interest in visiting the remote and scenic west coast beaches and national parks, it’s best to choose a Jeep Wrangler or other 4x4.

Grace Bay Car Rentals and Avis have car rental locations in central Grace Bay.

Parking in Grace Bay is free and readily available. Before driving in the Turks and Caicos, we highly advise learning about our roads, driving practices, and roundabouts.


Cycling is a popular way to get around Grace Bay, and many resorts and hotels have bikes for the use of their guests. Bicycles can also be rented from one of several shops in the area.

There are no dedicated bicycle paths, so we generally recommend riding on the sidewalks if there are no pedestrians present, as drivers typically exceed the (in most areas 20 mph or 32 km/h) speed limit. Per the UK Highway Code, when on the road, travel with the direction of car traffic. Take great care at roundabouts.

The Grace Bay area consists of very flat terrain, so it’s easy to get around by bike.

Bike racks are found at several of the shopping plazas in the area.