Ravioli at Coyaba Restaurant.
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Coyaba Restaurant

Bonaventure Crescent, Providenciales
Bay Scallops at Coyaba Restaurant.

Somewhat hidden in the popular area of Grace Bay, Coyaba is a fine dining restaurant that makes visitors feel as if they have discovered a secret gem within the Turks and Caicos. The restaurant’s name can be traced back to the Arawaks—the original settlers of the islands—who used the word “coyaba,” which can be translated to “heaven.” And a visit to this restaurant will prove that it truly lives up to its name.

The setting of Coyaba is like that of an enchanted garden, with an ethereal ambience. It is easy to miss if you are driving too fast, as Coyaba’s entryway does not reveal the awe-striking beauty of the establishment within. Inside, the combination of twinkling lights, greenery, and calming fountains creates the kind of environment that is sure to put one’s senses at ease. Coyaba is ideal for groups looking to dine somewhere that feels away from it all, and it’s also a leading spot for an intimate and romantic night out.

It’s apparent that Coyaba’s staff strives to provide a little piece of “heaven” in all that they do at the restaurant. During a meal at Coyaba, diners are catered to with palate cleansers of sorbet between meals, as well as an amuse bouche (a small complimentary appetizer) that makes for the perfect opener for the meal to come. The restaurant also serves an extensive selection of wines from California, Italy, France, South America, Australia, and New Zealand. And the staff at Coyaba are known for being especially attentive to guests, ensuring needs are met and that the experience is so enjoyable that diners want to return (and many usually do).

Coyaba’s Signature Menu is changed regularly as the chef is continually experimenting and exploring new ways to entice and awaken taste buds. There are also nightly specials on offer that usually leave guests raving. The Coyaba team combines the exotic flavors and ingredients of the Caribbean, using fruits, spices, and seafood to enhance the experience. This Caribbean influence, coupled with a European flair, creates a deliciously unique dining experience. Examples of this distinct combination are Coyaba’s Danish baby back ribs coupled with a Haitian fire slaw, as well as the “fish and chips” style Turks Head beer-battered grouper, served with a side of mushy peas and truffle fries (which also come with the restaurant’s signature guava ketchup). Coyaba is also known for its delectable lobster thermidor during lobster season.

The staff at Coyaba strive to impress with the presentation of the restaurant’s meals, and the result is a presentation that often rivals the taste. Certain dishes are even served on a slab of Himalayan sea salt.

But Coyaba’s creativity in cuisine is not limited to the restaurant’s appetizers and entrees. Saving space for dessert is a wise choice if one is looking to fully indulge in the Coyaba experience. The restaurant features a “Brulee of the Day,” which is a different daily dessert creation providing an element of surprise for even the most frequent visitor. Similarly, Coyaba’s ice cream and sorbet flavors change regularly. Nonetheless, staples like the Apple Pie La Mode and the Caribbean key lime pie remain popular and are always reliable choices to curb a sweet craving.

One more dessert item of note is the “Popadickcornnuthole.” This dish features a flavor combination of guava, almonds, chocolate, caramel, and popcorn. What may sound like a daunting combination is actually a tasty favorite for diners that exemplifies the chef’s creativity in combining flavors.

Coyaba is only open for dinner, and it is recommended that visitors book a reservation in advance of going to the restaurant. In keeping with its reputation of having a private atmosphere, spaces at Coyaba are limited and, due to its popularity, can fill up swiftly.