Central Bight, Providenciales.
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The Bight Providenciales

The road from Grace Bay into the Bight, Providenciales.

Found a little inland and between the Turtle Cove and Grace Bay areas, The Bight is a small settlement that’s mainly residential. Small shops and a few villas can also be found here. The settlement was one of three original settlements on Providenciales.


There’s no clear evidence, but it’s likely that The Bight was the last of the three old settlements (the other two being Blue Hills and Five Cays) on Providenciales to take hold. Some time after the establishment of the Cheshire Hall Plantation cotton plantation, this “village” formed and supported a small subsistence farming and fishing community.

Ruins and buildings in the area suggest that the modern settlement of The Bight may have shifted further east and more inland than the original site.

As is usually the case throughout world history, the Bight settlement formed due to the natural resources present. After the decline of the Loyalist plantation area, the inhabitants and field workers in the country had to turn to fishing and farming to sustain life, and as far as the terrain of Providenciales allowed for, the Bight was a decent location for these activities. The shallow sea grass beds in the area supported conch, and the barrier reef offshore teemed with fish.

Fresh water was another critical consideration. Due to the extensive sand plane and semi-lithified bedding of the Grace Bay and Bight regions, a nearly fresh water lens is found relatively close to the surface. It was far easier to dig a well to this water source than it would be in the case of the limestone rock elsewhere on the island, where the water lens salinity would likely be even higher as well.


Kingston (not Kingstown) is a small area in the eastern Bight region. The main Bight Road terminates here. In the past, a sandy track continued on to Grace Bay, but vegetation has taken over and the enclave is formed around a dead end turn around.

Kingston on Providenciales has a Rastafarian influence and is named after the city of Kingston in Jamaica, that nation’s capital.

Crime Risk

The Bight is generally a safe area, yet it’s important to be aware that a few robberies have been committed against pedestrians in the area, during the evening and night hours. Please exercise caution, and consider driving when visiting the region’s restaurants or establishments.

Reconsider walking at night to restaurants and accommodations in the area.

There have also been reports of broken vehicle windows and theft that has occurred during the later hours of the weekly fish fry held at the Bight Park on Thursday evening.

Map & Location