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Bay Bistro

Sibonné Beach Hotel, 2 Sibonne Road, Grace Bay, Providenciales
Opening Hours
Open Daily 8:30 AM–10:00 PM
Seafood, Vegetarian
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Enjoy the beautiful sunsets at the beachside Bay Bistro.

Bay Bistro is a long-established and popular beachfront restaurant on Grace Bay, and is located at the Sibonné Beach Hotel. Headed by chef Clive Whent, the restaurant is a favorite for brunch, lunch, and dinner.

In terms of food quality and value, Bay Bistro is one of the best beachfront restaurants and is a great place to relax at. During the day, there is always activity on the ocean, and it’s a great place to watch the sunset.

The Menu

The restaurant offers a great balance between gourmet dining and value. Their breakfast and lunch options are a great value, especially considering the beachfront setting. The dinner menu takes on a more elegant twist, with a great complement of international classics and local seafood. There are also vegetarian choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Sample Dishes

Vegetable tart, one of the many culinary creations at Bay Bistro.

Local lunch favorites at Bay Bistro include their burger, which is probably the best on the island, the coffee-rubbed tuna, and spicy tacos. The dinner menu is consistently excellent.

Bay Bistro incorporates fresh local seafood into many of their dishes. Snapper and grouper are almost always on the menu, as is local spiny lobster during the open season, which typically runs from mid or late August to mid or late March or April.

Local queen conch may also be available at Bay Bistro, and factors into chowder, wontons, and cracked conch fingers.

Desserts include homemade ice cream, tarts, cake, key lime pie, crème brulée, and more.


Local award-winning chef Clive Whent, owner and head chef at Bay Bistro.

Bay Bistro and Chef Whent also offer Kissing Fish Catering, which can help host the perfect destination wedding, party, or corporate event. BBQs on the beach are another option, and can be an unrivaled way to enjoy the sunset.

Located at Sibonné Hotel

Bay Bistro is found on Grace Bay Beach at Sibonné hotel. This small accommodation is one of the oldest hotels on the island, yet is still very popular due to their great rates, great location, and quiet atmosphere.

There’s ample parking and a public beach access adjacent to Bay Bistro, so the area is the perfect place to combine lunch and an afternoon on the beach.

Bay Bistro is located on the western side of Grace Bay, and about 20 minutes (1 mile/1.6 km) from the central ‘strip’ area, which is home to shopping plazas such as The Saltmills, Regent Village, and Ports of Call.