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Aerial view of the South Dock area, Providenciales.
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Districts and areas of Providenciales

Providenciales is the third largest island in the Turks and Caicos Islands, with an area of approximately 37 square miles (98 km sq). The length from end to end is 17 miles (27 km), and the width ranges from 1.5 miles (2.5 km) to 8 miles (12 km).

Most development is from the middle to the east end of the island, with a heavy concentration in Grace Bay. Grace Bay is host to the world famous beach and is the main tourist district. Turtle Cove, situated in the middle north shore, has a smaller tourist area and was the original development area.

The approximate centre of the island contains the airport and the Downtown area (which contains a few banks and assorted stores, although not too much overall). The south east quadrant of Providenciales is mostly residential (including rental villas), with a few various businesses and marinas.

The west midlands are largely undeveloped.

Areas and Districts Map

The map below shows areas and districts on Providenciales. The coloured areas shown below reflect the partitioning of Providenciales used by this site to denote the location of accommodation, activities, businesses, and more throughout this website.

Blue Hills
Blue Hills is a local residential area and one of the three original settlements on Providenciales. A few local restaurants are located here, as well as several churches. Found to the west of central Blue Hills, the largely undeveloped Wheeland area is now often considered to be part of Blue Hills.
Blue Mountain
Found on the central north coast of the island, Blue Mountain is the highest point on Providenciales at 156 feet. Mainly a residential area, a few rental villas can be found here. A paved road leads nearly to the summit of Blue Mountain, where excellent views over Blue Hills, Downtown, and the northern barrier reef can be had.
The Bight
Found a little inland and between the Turtle Cove and Grace Bay areas, The Bight is a small settlement that’s mainly residential. Small shops and a few villas can also be found here. The Bight was one of three original settlements on Providenciales.
Chalk Sound National Park
Chalk Sound is a brilliant turquoise lagoon filled with hundreds of little rocky islands. On calm days the area is an excellent location for kayaking and paddle boarding. Many residential and rental villas are located here, along with the beautiful Sapodilla Bay and Taylor Bay beaches.
Cooper Jack
Cooper Jack Bay is located on the central south coast of Providenciales, adjacent to the Discovery Bay and Venetian Road districts. Several scenic hills in this area offer spectacular views over the shallow and turquoise Caicos Banks.
Discovery Bay
Found between the Cooper Jack Bay and the Five Cays areas of Providenciales, Discover Bay is a mixed light industrial and residential area. Some small shops, restaurants and a school are also located here.
Located in central Providenciales and close to the airport, several of the Government offices, the Post Office, many small restaurants and shops, and the Gustarvus Lightbourne Sports Center can be found here. Although one of the busiest areas on the island, building density tends to be low and spread out.
Five Cays
One of the three original settlements on the Providenciales, Five Cays is found the south coast of the island. Beginning as a fishing village, this lower-income residential area is home to several small shops and restaurants.
Grace Bay
Grace Bay is by far the main tourist area on Providenciales. Grace Bay Beach and most of the island's hotels and restaurants are located in this area. Grace Bay Central is the main area. Grace Bay West and East have several hotels and condominiums as well as private residences, although there are fewer shops and restaurants.
Juba Sound
This often overlooked area is found south of Leeward Highway and adjacent to Turtle Tail and Long Bay Hills. Offering excellent views over Juba Point Salina, this area is mainly residential.
Kew Town
Located between the Downtown area and Blue Hills, Kew Town is a lower-income residential area with some small shops, restaurants and businesses.
Located on the northeast corner of Providenciales, Leeward is a residential area with a marina, many vacation villas and a few shops and restaurants. Much of the coast fronting Leeward is beautiful beach.
Leeward Highway
Leeward Highway is the main motorway on Providenciales, and runs from the Downtown and airport area to the east end of the island. Many of the island’s larger stores and businesses are located along this highway.
Babalua Beach
This rocky beach really isn’t that great for swimming, but a decent snorkeling reef can be found a distance out. Babalua Beach tends to be quiet and is rarely busy. This beach is bordered on one side by the canal into Turtle Cove Marina and on the other by the sea cliffs of Blue Mountain.
Long Bay
This area is found on the southeast of Providenciales. With the exception of a new condominium project, Long Bay is almost entirely a residential area with both private homes and rental villas. The higher elevation interior region of this area is sometimes referred to as Long Bay Hills.
Northwest Point National Park
This scenic section of Providenciales is an ideal place to spend an afternoon exploring some of the natural features of the Turks and Caicos Islands. The main points of interest here are the rugged rocky coastline (locally called “iron shore”) and small coves.
South Dock
This area is found on the southern coast of Providenciales. Along with being the location of the main sea port for the country, the South Dock area is home to many of the island’s industrial sites.
South Dock Road
Connecting the Downtown area to Five Cay and South Dock, this road and surrounding region follows the high ground between Five Cays and Chalk Sound. Although largely an industrial use area, some residences can be found on the Chalk Sound side of this road.
Turtle Cove
The first area on Providenciales to see tourism development, Turtle Cove is now home to the popular Turtle Cove Marina complex. Several hotels, restaurants, shops and vacation villas can be found here, along with the excellent Smith's Reef snorkeling site.
Venetian Road
This long and winding unpaved road follows along the Turtle Tail peninsula. A residential area with private homes and vacation villas, Venetian Road offers one of the most scenic drives on Providenciales as it weaves past low hills overlooking the Caicos Banks and the wetlands of Flamingo Lake and Juba Sound.
Malcolm's Road
Beautiful and remote, this beach offers much to explore. Due to being close to the edge of the Caicos Islands plateau and the deeper water, this beach sometimes experiences breaking surf off the beach and has a bit more of a rugged appearance than the other Providenciales beaches. For the adventurous, great snorkeling can be found at many spots here.
Heaving Down Rock
Heaving Down Rock has the new marina used by several marine operators. Home to the Conch Farm and several private residences.