Beans & Leaves coffee shop in Turks and Caicos Beans and Leaves offers indoor -air-conditioned and outdoor seating.
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Beans & Leaves

Regent Village, Grace Bay Road, Grace Bay, Providenciales
Beans & Leaves coffee and tea shop at Regent Village in Grace Bay
Beans & Leaves is located at Regent Village in the heart of Grace Bay.

While most visitors to the Turks and Caicos are most likely accustomed to finding a Starbucks on nearly every corner, they won’t find one during their stay on Providenciales. Instead, the island of Providenciales has its own version of the hip coffee shop: Beans & Leaves by Island Brew.

While Beans & Leaves certainly isn’t the first coffee shop to open on Providenciales, the establishment sets itself apart from the others by offering a variety of menu items that aren’t available elsewhere. The inviting café also offers a great selection of warm, freshly baked treats daily.

A cozy, hipster ambience greets visitors as they enter Beans & Leaves, a space with stylish dark walls, comfortable seating, and warm wooden accents. The baristas are friendly, and they take coffee seriously as a true barista would. The shop’s extensive coffee menu may cause indecision as patrons deliberate between an espresso, ristretto, or cappuccino.

Dining Options

But for visitors who don’t favor coffee, Beans & Leaves also offers freshly brewed teas, smoothies, and sweet bubble teas (or boba) served in a variety of flavors. For patrons who have come hungry, the pastry selection comes with a twist—next to the coffee shop regulars of pan au chocolat and croissants, customers will find decadent Filipino-inspired treats such as the light and airy coffee bun, and the Ensaymada. The Philippines adopted the Mallorcan ensaïmada (commonly spelled ensaymada in Philippine languages). The localized pastry is a brioche baked with butter and topped with grated cheese and sugar. Another variation is available with buttercream and contains purple yam, or taro.


For those looking for a light lunch and a quick respite from the heat, the cool interior of Beans & Leaves offers generous seating and free Wi-Fi. The coffee shop offers a selection of freshly made paninis ranging from chicken-and-pesto to a vegetarian option, but for those on the go, pre-made sandwiches that include tuna, chicken salad, and ham and cheese are also available. Patrons also have the option of grabbing a healthy couscous, hearty vegetable salad, or even a selection of fresh sushi rolls made daily.

To satisfy a sweet tooth, cakes, and cookies are also on offer, as well as grab-and-go snacks for those in a rush. But if time allows, sip an ice-cold frappe in the shop’s outdoor seating area that allows for people-watching in Grace Bay before continuing on with some souvenir shopping.

Opening Hours

Opening hours are from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Saturday, and 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM on Sundays, which makes for a regular crowd either catching up with friends or checking up on emails. Bonus: Conveniently situated in Regent Village in the heart of Grace Bay, Beans & Leaves is a short walk or easy cycle from most hotels and resorts in the Grace Bay area.

Located at Regent Village

The Regent Village is an expansive upscale retail and commercial plaza in the heart of Grace Bay. The site is home to several restaurants, art galleries, shops, and professional offices. Nearby are the Saltmills Plaza and Le Vele Plaza.