The Farm on Grace Bay restaurant The Farm on Grace Bay features a unique al fresco ambiance.
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The Farm on Grace Bay

Seven Stars Resort & Spa, Grace Bay Road, Grace Bay, Providenciales
The Farm on Grace Bay
The Farm is a fine dining restaurant, located at the Seven Stars resort in Grace Bay.

The Farm on Grace Bay is a new farm-to-table restaurant at Seven Stars Resort & Spa in Grace Bay, Providenciales. The lush open-air restaurant is a collaboration between two-time Caribbean Chef of the Year and Executive Chef Edwin Gallardo and renowned celebrity chef Amanda Freitag. The Farm is named after the source of fresh produce - a hydroponic farm. The Farm is specially designed to grow food for the restaurant. The produce is pesticide-free. The menu includes ample healthy and vegetable-centric dishes.

Fresh Ingredients

The restaurant’s fresh vegetable dishes come from the hydroponic farm located at the Seven Stars Resort. The unique hydroponic array uses water, nutrients, and light (no soil) to grow fresh vegetables and greens. This system yields fresh produce with a richer flavor than traditionally shipped-in fruits and vegetables, which are days or weeks old. In addition, the vegetables are chemical-free with no herbicides or pesticides.

The Farm grows a wide range of greens, including romaine lettuce, mint, kale, red Russian kale, butterhead lettuce, iceberg lettuce, magenta greens, and micro greens. The system focuses on sustainability and innovative ways to produce fresh food.

Above: Greens raised in the hydroponic garden.   Top right:  Top left:  The restaurant raises many of the herbs, greens, and vegetables it uses onsite.   Bottom right:  Top right:  The terrace dining space.  

The Menu

The bar at The Farm restaurant
The bar.

The Farm serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The menu includes fresh food and a mix of vegetables grown on The Farm. Menu items can change based on availability.

The breakfast options range from a breakfast wrap to omelets. The open-faced breakfast sandwich includes fresh hydroponic lettuce, fried eggs, prosciutto, heirloom tomatoes, and cheddar. For a sweet option, choose from freshly baked scones, corn biscuits, and apple turnovers.

The lunch menu at The Farm includes fresh shrimp summer rolls and green sushi rolls with romaine kimchi and ginger sauce. The tofu Buddha bowl highlights the fresh produce grown onsite, with wild rice, edamame, pickled vegetables, and arugula.

For dinner, The Farm has shareable, fresh dishes with unique flavors. Some of the starters include a kale and corn chip dip to share, eggplant with mango and greens, and tuna bowls with hearts of palm, avocado, radish, sesame wakame, and teriyaki mayo. Main dishes range from chicken satay with veggie fried rice to snapper and grits with Creole sauce.

Giant chess board
The restaurant features a unique atmosphere.

If you need a java fix, The Farm has ample coffee-based drinks, with espresso, cafe latte, cappuccino, and more. There are also hot tea options, with English breakfast tea, green tea, chai tea, and herbal tea.

Savor some sweetness after your meal with dessert at The Farm. Ice cream, sorbet, and chocolate mousse are just a few of the options. For unique local flavors, try the guava cake with Bambarra rum or the coconut panna cotta.

The Ambiance

The Farm has an upscale casual ambiance. The restaurant has garden-style seating and a standalone bar. The lush tropical garden makes the perfect backdrop for outdoor dining with fresh food. Breakfast and lunch offer a more casual atmosphere, and dinner service is more elaborate.

The restaurant is centrally located in the prestigious Grace Bay Road area of Provo. The restaurant’s entrance is just west of the Seven Stars Resort entrance.

Located at Seven Stars Resort & Spa

The expansive and luxurious Seven Stars is located on central Grace Bay Beach and features 115 exclusive suites. In addition to the spectacular beach, there’s a beautiful mosaic pool, two gourmet restaurants, and a full-featured spa.