Bar at The Seafood Hub The bar inside the restaurant.
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The Seafood Hub

Neptune Plaza, 30 Allegro Road, Grace Bay, Providenciales
Courtyard seating at The Seafood Hub in Grace Bay
The Seafood Hub, located in Grace Bay.

The Seafood Hub is a seafood restaurant on Providenciales. Just a five-minute walk from the Grace Bay strip, its dining environment is a mix between casual Caribbean dining, Cajun boil, and a New England clam bake. Think seafood bibs, crab mallets, and plastic gloves. Some of the restaurant’s shellfish is local to the island (conch, snapper, and lobster), but the majority—snow crab, crawfish, mussels, and oysters, served in seafood boils and on individual and family-sized platters—comes from abroad.

The Food

The Seafood Hub first opened in 2020. While the restaurant has a diverse menu, they’re best known for their snow and king crab family-style platters and seafood boils. These usually come with a set of crab mallets and branded bibs for the table. If you haven’t tried Turks and Caicos favorites like cracked conch, cracked lobster, local snapper, or conch fritters, you can try them here, too. For kids, The Seafood Hub also has a children’s menu with options like chicken tenders, cheese sticks, and several flavors of juice.

The Drinks

Bartenders at The Seafood Hub restaurant
The friendly servers at The Seafood Hub.

The hub has a large cocktail, martini, and mimosa menu. They have more than 15 beers to choose from and a beer bucket special you can share with the whole table. If you’re feeling up for some wine, they generally keep Pinot Grigio, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay at the bar.

Special Events

The Seafood Hub hosts music bingo every Wednesday night with prizes for the winners. The restaurant also takes bookings for private events, and from Tuesday to Sunday, you can get discounted mojitos and margaritas as part of their ‘Crabby’ Hour special.

The Seafood Hub is also a regular vendor at the weekly island Fish Fry, a popular event on Providenciales held every Thursday night on the Lower Bight Road, where food and craft vendors set up stalls alongside entertainers.

Local Seafood

Crab boil
One of the delicious crab boils.

The Turks and Caicos Islands is surrounded by rich fishing grounds home to many seafood species that travelers love to try on their visits to the islands—snapper, mahi-mahi, tuna, wahoo, grouper, lobster, and conch, to name a few. Some of our seafood is only available at certain times of the year—lobster season usually runs from August to March, while grouper season begins in May and ends in January.

Two types of crabs are commonly harvested in the Turks and Caicos. The giant blue land crab is seasonal, and found in wetlands areas. It’s popular locally, but is a bit of an acquired taste and doesn’t make it onto the menus of most restaurants. Channel clinging crabs, which are large crabs found in the ocean, are quite good, yet are not common enough to be a regular dish.


You’ll find the Seafood Hub in Neptune Plaza, which is near Graceway Gourmet in Grace Bayy. If you’re driving down Allegro Road toward the Seven Stars roundabout, keep an eye out for the ‘crack, pick, eat’ sign on the left-hand side of the road. The restaurant is conveniently located within walking distance of several hotels and other accommodations in the area, including Seven Stars Resort & Spa, the Ritz-Carlton, and Ports of Call Resort.