Marine Room restaurant The Marine Room restaurant.
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The 15 Best Restaurants in the Turks and Caicos

The Deck restaurant at dusk
The Deck, beachfront on Grace Bay.

As a culinary destination , the Turks and Caicos and the island of Providenciales have evolved to the point of there being quite a number of excellent restaurants – far too many to sample on the typical visit.

To best experience the dining scene, it’s important to be aware of the restaurants that bring together several elements - and more than just good food. This page strives to bring attention to those such establishments and represents a full range of ambiances and cuisines, including some great beachfront restaurants, classic Turks and Caicos and Caribbean flavors, and contemporary fine dining.

Several of these restaurants offer live music, which can be the perfect complement to the sunset.

Omar's Restaurant in the Turks and Caicos The view of Five Cays Beach from Omar's.

Omar's Beach Hut

Omar’s Beach Hut is located on the picturesque turquoise waters of Five Cays Beach, and offers the tantalizing option of dining on picnic tables in the shallow water fronting the restaurant. For those wanting a break from the sun, there’s also the option of tables in the shade.

Omar’s serves a menu of popular Turks and Caicos and Caribbean dishes, with ample local seafood and jerk options.

Infiniti restaurant at dusk Beachfront fine dining at Infiniti restaurant, located at the Grace Bay Club.

Infiniti Restaurant & Raw Bar

Infiniti is a beachfront gourmet restaurant and bar, located at the Grace Bay Club. The restaurant offers and relaxing and elegant setting, with a beautiful bar and ocean views. As its name suggests, the restaurant serves a range of raw, vegetarian, and vegan options, as well as seafood and international fine dining dishes.

Live music is performed on several nights per week. Reservations are recommended for sit-down dining, yet are typically not required for the bar.

Terrace dining at Casa Nonna The beachfront terrace at Casa Nonna.

Casa Nonna

Casa Nonna is a beachfront Italian gourmet restaurant, located at the Ritz-Carlton at Grace Bay. The restaurant crates classic dishes, made from fresh ingredients and past made in-house. The food is complemented by an excellent wine list, which is heavily Italian wines.

Casa Nonna has both outdoor beachfront terrace dining, and indoor air-conditioned seating. Live entertainment is provided on Sundays and Mondays.

The Marine Room restaurant in Turks and Caicos The Marine Room is located near the Bight Beach.

The Marine Room

The Marine Room is one of the newest restaurants in the Turks and Caicos, and brings together several compelling features, including an ocean view, a chic atmosphere, and the incorporation of fresh local ingredients into their gourmet dishes. The restaurant features al fresco and indoor air-conditioned seating, and also has a small yet beautiful bar.

The restaurant is located near the Bight Beach, which is a beautiful coast found on the western side of Grace Bay Beach. Reservations are recommended.

Weaponized Conch band playing at Castaways restaurant Local band Weaponized Conch playing at Castaways.

Castaways Conch Bar & Island Grill

Castaways, located in the center of Grace Bay on the main 'strip', is the place to be for live music. Several popular bands and musicians play throughout the week, representing a range of genres. The restaurant serves Caribbean and bar and grill fare, with a full menu of mixed drinks.

Seating at Castaways is al fresco in a coconut palm grove, and the restaurant is directly on the Grace Bay Road ‘strip’, so there’s a lively atmosphere. Top choices at Castaways include the conch dishes and the mixed drinks.

Interior of BLT American Steakhouse BLT American Steakhouse, located at The Ritz-Carlton on Grace Bay Beach.

BLT American Steakhouse

BLT American Steakhouse, located at the Ritz-Carlton resort, serves some of the best steaks on the island. The restaurant serves a wider menu than simply steaks, including a range of seafood options, yet steaks obviously are their mainstay. The best menu of steaks and cuts on the island is offered, including filet mignon, porterhouse, Kansas City bone-in striploin, ribeye, and the New York strip steak.

Choose between indoor air-conditioned seating and al fresco terrace dining. The BLT Steak also has an elegant bar onsite for drinks and socializing. Reservations are recommended.

Da Conch Shack, Blue Hills, Providenciales.

Da Conch Shack

One of the best-known Turks and Caicos restaurants is Da Conch Shack, and for good reason. This beachfront eatery in Blue Hills has a Caribbean vibe and ambiance that few other locations can match. As its name suggests, the restaurant is best known for its conch dishes, including conch fritters, conch salad, cracked conch, and more. Also on the menu are local fish options, jerked and barbequed dishes, and bar and grill fare such as burgers, sandwiches, and tacos.

On Wednesday evening, Da Conch Shack has live entertainment, which includes a fire dancer, a Junkanoo band, and a DJ. Wednesdays are typically packed, so reservations are highly recommended.

The Deck restaurant The Deck, located on Grace Bay Beach at the Seven Stars resort.

The Deck

The Deck is located on the beach at the luxury Seven Stars Resort & Spa resort on Grace Bay Beach, and brings together an exquisite ocean view, beautiful ambiance, excellent service, and good food. Many beachfront restaurants on Grace Bay don’t actually offer guests seated at tables a clear view of the ocean, yet The Deck is better than most.

The menu at The Deck is sufficiently broad so as to satisfy most, including vegetarians and children. Local fish such as tuna and wahoo often make it onto the menu, and are excellent. Reservations are recommended for dinner, yet typically are not needed for lunch.

Turks and Caicos food plates Popular Turks and Caicos dishes from Mangrove Bay Restaurant.

Mangrove Bay Restaurant

A spot popular with locals, Mangrove Bay is often missed by visitors as its roadside appearance is unassuming, and perhaps a bit lacking. However, this restaurant serves some of the best local-style whole fresh fish on the island. The menu is a combination of basic burgers and fried food (which isn’t what makes the place special) and fresh local seafood. The seafood choices almost always include whole snappers and conch, and often lobster and filleted grouper as well.

Fish can be cooked in several Caribbean styles, and guests can choose between fried, steamed Creole style, blackened, and grilled. A choice from several sides is offered to complement the seafood, and often includes plain rice, peas n’ rice, lobster rice, coleslaw, baked mac n’ cheese, steamed vegetables, fried plantain, and more.

Mangrove Bay is waterfront on Cheshire Hall Creek, which is a tidal creek that is connected to the Caicos Banks. Birdlife can often be seen in the shallows and mangroves, and the aircraft departing the Providenciales International Airport is another sight. Due to its location, the restaurant doesn’t see the crowds that some of the better-known island cuisine restaurants may have.

Tables at Caicos Café Caicos Café restaurant.

Caicos Café

Caicos Café has long had the reputation of being an excellent restaurant, and is well-deserved. The restaurant serves an Italian menu that has Mediterranean and French influences, and typically incorporates local seafood according to the catch available. Dining is al fresco, in an elegant casual setting. Excellent choices are the fresh seafood, steaks, and desserts.

Caicos Café is located in central Grace Bay, and is only open for dinner. Reservations are recommended.

Mango Reef restaurant is located on the water at Turtle Cove Marina.

Mango Reef

Mango Reef is one of the busiest restaurants on the island, and with good reason. The menu is broad, the food is consistent, and the prices are comparatively reasonable. The restaurant is located on the water at Turtle Cove Marina, which gives the site a relaxing ambiance and an element of interesting activity to watch. The dining is al fresco, with lunch and dinner served.

The menu at Mango Reef is quite wide, with good choices for vegetarians, vegans, and those with specialty dietary concerns. The restaurant is spacious, but due to its popularity it’s advisable to make reservations for dinner.

Dining tables at Coco Bistro Coco Bistro offers al fresco fine dining in a palm grove.

Coco Bistro

Coco Bistro has long been a popular gourmet restaurant, and is unique in that it’s located in a verdant and mature coconut palm grove. The restaurant’s cuisine is a fusion of international and Caribbean flavors, with an emphasis on the inclusion of fresh ingredients. Seating is al fresco, and reservations are recommended. Coco Bistro is located in central Grace Bay.

Bar and dining table at WE Kitchen WE Kitchen, located in the Kokomo Botanical Resort.

WE Kitchen

One excellent restaurant that is often overlooked is WE Kitchen, which is located in the Kokomo Botanical Resort in central Providenciales. The gourmet restaurant creates International and Asian dishes, with an emphasis on using fresh and raw ingredients, and also serves dry-aged steaks.

The restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor terrace seating, and has an elegant bar. Reservations are recommended.

Baci Ristorante Baci Ristorante is located on the water at the Turtle Cove Marina.

Baci Ristorante

Located on the water at Turtle Cove Marina, Baci Ristorante is a small Italian restaurant that offers delicious and freshly made Italian classics, at a good price.

Baci also creates pizzas with their own freshly made dough, which is regarded by many as being the best classic-style pizza on the island.

The Almond Tree restaurant The Almond Tree offers an upscale casual and interesting atmosphere.

The Almond Tree

The Almond Tree is one of the fine dining restaurants at The Shore Club resort on Long Bay Beach. The restaurant has a beautiful courtyard setting, and serves a self-defined menu of “creative comfort food”, which includes dishes such as a chicken pot pie, pizza, and fried chicken, all with their own unique twists. Live music is played on several nights per week. Reservations are recommended.