Five Cays Beach on Providenciales The shallow waters of Five Cays Beach, Providenciales.
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Five Cays Beach

Beach Information
No Lifeguard
Watch for Boats
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Found at one of the three original settlements on Providenciales, the beach here is nice but the water tends to be quite shallow. Due to the surrounding structures and the occasional piece of junk equipment, this beach does not have as natural a vibe as other beaches.
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Five Cays Beach, Turks and Caicos
Five Cays Beach, Providenciales.

Located along the south coast of Five Cays, one of the three original settlements on Providenciales, Five Cays Beach is a 5000-foot-long stretch of clean sand and water. The water depth here is quite shallow (only a few feet deep) for a distance out. There’s no good snorkeling in the area.

The beach doesn’t typically experience large waves, however, it is exposed to the regular southeast trade winds and can be somewhat choppy at times.

Due to being situated in the village of Five Cays, privacy can be lacking at times. The popular Bugaloo’s Restaurant is located at the southwest end of this beach.

Attractions and Restaurants

Southwest end of Five Cays Beach
Five Cays Beach fronting Omar's Beach Hut and Bugaloo's Conch Crawl, at low tide.

The south-western end of Five Cays Beach is becoming a tourism hotspot, and is now home to two popular beachfront restaurants, Bugaloo’s Conch Crawl, and Omar’s Beach Hut, as well as jet ski tour company Five Cays Waters Sports and riding stable Heritage Tours.

Both restaurants are fun places to spend an afternoon, and due to the very shallow water in the area, it’s possible to dine either on the beach or even in the ocean! There’s always something going on in the area, and fishermen on their small ‘ conch boats’ can be seen coming and going.

The beach fronting the restaurants of Omar’s Beach Hut and Bugaloo’s Conch Crawl is quite shallow. At low tide, an expanse of sand is often exposed.


Small islands at Five Cays Beach
Small islands off of Five Cays.

Five Cays Beach shares many similarities with the kiteboarding hotspot of Long Bay Beach. Both feature shallow water and are exposed to the eastern trade winds. One increasingly popular kite route is a down-winder from Long Bay to the Bugaloo’s Restaurant at the southwestern end of the Five Cays, a 9-mile (14.5 km) scenic journey.

On the way down, you pass the inlet to Juba Sound, the beautiful coast of Turtle Tail, Cooper Jack Bay, and Discovery Bay, along with many tiny and uninhabited islands.

Beach Accesses

To find the main access to Five Cays Beach, turn onto Five Cays Road from South Dock Road. Drive 0.3 miles (0.5 km) and turn left directly before the Five Cay Community Center, for the Community Center 🡓 beach access.

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