Chicken shish kebab with salad and rice Chicken shish kebab plate from Turks Kebab in Grace Bay
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Turks and Caicos Mediterranean Restaurants

Greek salad
Greek salad, from Jojo's Cafe at the Windsong Resort.

In the mood for the flavors of the Mediterranean? Providenciales is home to several restaurants that focus on Mediterranean cuisine. From casual roadside stops to upscale, fine dining, there are many options to choose from on our island, whether you’re in the mood for Greek, Spanish, Turkish, or Middle Eastern cuisine. From gyros to paella, falafel to kofte, you’ll find a variety of authentic, high-quality Mediterranean dishes to sample on Providenciales of varying price points, all tasty and worth a try.

Island Influence

Our island influence manages to seep into almost all our Mediterranean restaurants, infusing each dish with local flavor without sacrificing the true nature of Mediterranean food. And indeed, both Mediterranean and Caribbean cuisine share a heavy influence from the ocean, making it easy to create seafood dishes that offer the perfect blend of both. From casual roadside fare to fine dining, there are a variety of ways to sample Mediterranean cuisine on Providenciales.

Barbetta House

Barbetta House, located at beachfront resort The Somerset on Grace Bay Beach, is a newer Mediterranean restaurant. An upscale, fine dining establishment, the ambiance is perfect for a quiet, refined evening. The restaurant features both a main dining area, with seating outside, as well as a tapas lounge, often featuring live music. Like all on-island restaurants, the menu is influenced by our local island culture and cuisine. From lamb chops to a classic caesar salad, Barbetta House infuses their Mediterranean offering with island flair. The restaurant is best known for its Paella Barbetta, a distinctly Mediterranean dish. We recommend you make reservations here in advance.

Turks Kebab

Kofte and pita
Kofte, with pita and salad.

For a dining experience that offers the perfect blend of island and Mediterranean fare, Turks Kebab is the place to visit. Located at Grace Bay Market on Allegro Road and a short walking distance from many Grace Bay hotels,Turks Kebab’s menu is distinctly Mediterranean with appetizers such as hummus tzaziki served with pira, gyros, falafel, and much more. Whether you’re in the mood for lamb or fish, you’re sure to find the perfect dish for you. A full range of typical Turkish-influenced delights is available, but the menu also includes burgers, wraps, and flatbreads. A small, outdoor location, no reservation is necessary at Turks Kebab, which is open from lunchtime until late into the night. Cocktails, wine, and beer are also available during all open hours.

Aziza Restaurant & Lounge

A popular evening spot that only opened on Providenciales in 2021, Aziza Restaurant & Lounge has a heavy Mediterranean influence that is as evident in its design and decor as it is its cuisine. The restaurant’s inventive menu includes the likes of lamb lollichops served with tzatziki, and a beef kabob dish that uses saffron marinated filet mignon. Vegetarian options are also plentiful, such as the grilled cauliflower and veggie kebab, with tasty seafood options that include scallops, calamari, and salmon crudo. The restaurant offers a hip, bohemian ambiance, with hookah available and a DJ playing music every night after dark.