Sandwich at a restaurant in Grace Bay Roast beef sandwich from Provence Restaurant in Grace Bay.
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The Best Budget Restaurants on Providenciales

BBQ ribs at Chinson's Restaurant on Providenciales
Local BBQ, slaw, and fries.

The Turks and Caicos is an expensive destination, especially when it comes to food. A great way to save is to prepare a few meals yourself, or try one of the less expensive dining establishments.

There are some great inexpensive dining options on Providenciales, both in the Grace Bay area, and elsewhere on the island. Many of these restaurants primarily focus on lunch, yet some are opened later in the day and evening. Takeout is also available at nearly all.

Most restaurants charge a 12% Tourism Tax, as mandated by the government. However, restaurants that primarily cater to the local market are granted an exemption to charging tax (whether they are serving tourists or not). Dining at one of these restaurants means a 12% savings, in addition to these establishments typically costing less as well.

Le Comptoir French deli in Grace Bay Le Comptoir Français creates some of the best sandwiches on Providenciales.

Le Comptoir Français

Le Comptoir Français, a French deli located in the Regent Village in central Grace Bay and within walking distance of many resorts, serves some of the best sandwiches on Providenciales. There’s a great range of meat and veggie options to choose from for subs and sandwiches, and there’s also a selection of other dishes and foods, including salads, cheeses, wine, and more.

Most sandwiches are priced at $10, with drinks and chips extra.

Patty from the Patty Place in Grace Bay A savory meat patty from Patty Place in Grace Bay. This small shop also serves ice cream.

Patty Place

Patty Place is located at the La Petite Place plaza near Ports of Call in central Grace Bay. This small shop primarily serves ice cream and dessert, yet an inexpensive light lunch option is their meat or vegetarian patties. Patties are a Jamaican pastry that can be either sweet or savory and is similar to a meat pie. A large meat patty with a cold drink costs about $5.

The ice cream at Patty Place is the famous Jamaican Devon House brand, and there’s typically a wide selection available.

Graceway Gourmet in Grace Bay Graceway Gourmet in Grace Bay.

Graceway Gourmet

The Graceway Gourmet supermarket has a very wide selection of prepared foods, a salad bar, custom sandwich and wrap creations, pizza, coffee, pastries, and much more. It’s important to keep in mind that prices vary widely. It’s possible to be out the door at well under $10 per person including drinks, yet some fare options, such as salads, can add up fast.

Graceway Gourmet has a shaded outdoor seating area for customers.

The popular Sweet T's in Downtown Providenciales.

Sweet T’s

Sweet T’s, located in the Downtown area of Providenciales has much of a polarized reputation, with many locals and visitors either loving or hating it. This take-out restaurant specializes in spicy fried chicken wings and French fries, with a small selection of drink choices to go with the food. In any case, Sweet T’s is one of the least expensive dining options on the island, with a serving of wings, fries, and a drink coming in at about $5 or $6.

Food at Sweet T’s is ordered in dollar increments. For example, a meal for one could be “$2 chicken, $2 fries, and soda” for a total of $5. Included in the price is the option of having hot sauce or ketchup drizzled on top of the food.

Caicos Bakery in Grace Bay Caicos Bakery at the Caicos Café Plaza in Grace Bay. This small shop serves freshly baked goods, sandwiches, coffee, and more.

Caicos Bakery

Caicos Bakery at Caicos Café Plaza in Grace Bay is best known for its fresh bread and pastries, yet also serves several hot and cold options that are ready to eat, including small pizzas, quiches, and baguettes. This shop is one of several small bakeries on the island.

BBQ chicken pizza at Pizza Pizza restaurant in Grace Bay BBQ chicken pizza at Pizza Pizza restaurant in Grace Bay.

Pizza Pizza

Pizza Pizza on Leeward Highway in central Providenciales is another low-cost dining option. The restaurant mainly serves pizzas to order, yet does offer pizza by the slice, fried chicken, fries, and biscuits.

Large whole-pie pizzas start at just under $20, and the typical fried chicken takeout for one costs about $8, including a drink.

Top of the Cove deli in central Providenciales Top O' the Cove Deli on Leeward Highway in central Providenciales.

Top of the Cove Deli

Top O’ the Cove Deli is one of the oldest restaurants still operating on Providenciales and is a favorite brunch and lunch spot with locals. The deli offers a wide range of sandwiches, salads, and off-menu dishes.

Top O’ the Cove has both air-conditioned indoor and outdoor seating onsite. Sandwich, chips, and a drink are typically around $15 per person.

Fish and chips at Chinson's Restaurant Fish and chips at Chinson's.


If you’re looking for a local restaurant with a full menu and waiter service, yet still offers a decent price, Chinson's Grill Shack on Leeward Highway is a great spot. The menu includes some great BBQ and jerk dishes, as well as a great complement of other options. The restaurant overlooks the highway, which, being on the island of Provo, is a little more interesting than it sounds.

A great meal with a drink can be had for about $20 per person.

Tiny's Restaurant near Grace Bay.

Tiny’s Restaurant

One of the best-hidden lunch options in the Grace Bay area is Tiny’s Restaurant, a takeout restaurant located at Miss Moonies convenience store near Leeward Highway. This establishment offers a wide selection of local and regional Caribbean favorites that are ready to eat, including jerk, BBQ, fried, and baked chicken, ribs, stews and soups, fish, peas n’ rice, salad, and many side options.

Meal options come in small and large sizes, and the small will typically be ample food for most. A small meal of chicken, peas n’ rice, and your choice of an additional side costs around $10. Larger meals and ribs are a few dollars more, and drinks start at 50 cents. The greatest downside to Tiny’s Restaurant is the very limited indoor and outdoor seating. The onsite convenience store is a great place to stock up on drinks and snacks, too.