Breakfast, brunch, and lunch dishes at a café A sample of the many delicious breakfast, brunch, and lunch dishes created at Lemon 2 Go in Grace Bay.
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Turks and Caicos Breakfast and Brunch Restaurants

Waffles at Ocean Club West resort.

For breakfast , the best options are typically either one of a few cafes in the Grace Bay area, or one of the resort restaurants. Many of the well-known inland restaurants don’t open for breakfast, yet typically at least one of the restaurants onsite at the larger hotels serves breakfast. Buffets are not common in the Turks and Caicos, and are typically only found at special events and at the larger all-inclusive resorts.

Lemon 2 Go, Shay Café, Beans & Leaves, and Graceway Gourmet supermarket tend to be the busiest early morning spots that are not hotel restaurants. All offer a selection of ready-to-go food, as well as some hot and prepared dishes.

Some of the best brunch options in the Turks and Caicos are a handful of restaurants that offer specials, often only available on certain days.

19 Bar and Restaurant is located at the Royal Turks and Caicos Golf Club near Grace Bay. To cater to the those wanting early tee times, the restaurant serves a wide breakfast and brunch menu, which range from classics such as pancakes, fruit dishes, and breakfast sandwiches, to full English breakfasts and Sunday brunch specials.

Bay Bistro’s weekend and holiday breakfast and brunch are a favorite with visitors and locals alike. The restaurant offers a beautiful beachfront setting on Grace Bay, and the morning menu includes pancakes, fruit plates, bagels, eggs, bacon, sausages, hash browns, omelets, toast, yogurt, and more.

Coffee, Tea, and Smoothies

For many, a great cup of coffee is essential. Fortunately, there’s a great collection of cafés on Providenciales and in the Grace Bay area.

Lemon 2 Go, Shay Café, and Beans and Leaves all compete to create the perfect cup of gourmet coffee, and have comfortable indoor and outdoor seating.

Graceway Gourmet Supermarket serves a range of breakfast drinks including coffee, teas, and smoothies that are custom created from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Beachfront Dining

Fruit platter
Breakfast fruit platter at 19 Bar and Restaurant at the Royal Turks and Caicos Golf Club in Grace Bay.

Providenciales has some great breakfast beachfront dining spots, where the tranquil ocean background is a perfect complement. Bay Bistro is located on Grace Bay Beach at Sibonne hotel. Down Grace Bay a but is Solana which is located at Ocean Club West and has a full breakfast menu that includes breakfast sandwiches, pancakes, eggs, and several other classic dishes. Hemingway’s at The Sands is another great choice, and has a full menu of popular breakfast choices.

Fresh-baked Goods

There are some great places for croissants, donuts, bagels, muffins, Danishes, and more in the central Grace Bay area. Graceway Gourmet typically has the broadest selection of baked goods, and offers coffee and smoothies, as well as outdoor seating. Caicos Bakery at Caicos Café Plaza creates excellent croissants, donuts, tarts, and quiches. Tribe, a smaller deli and bakery located at Ports of Call plaza, offers a varying array of croissants and toast and breakfast sandwiches made from handmade breads.

Breakfast and Lunch Restaurants

The Marine Room
The Marine Room is a fine dining restaurant that specializes in fresh seafood and ingredients, with a Mediterranean influence. The restaurant overlooks the Bight Beach, and is located on the western side of Grace Bay.
Trattoria Isolana
Trattoria Isolana is a gourmet restaurant, located at the boutique Oasis at Grace Bay hotel. Headed by chef Chef Ordel Grant, the restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with a menu of classic and island fare, with an Italian twist.
Top O' the Cove
Top O' the Cove is a New York-style deli located in central Providenciales that has been operating for more than 20 years. Explore a range of sandwiches, baked goods, pizza, soups, coffee, desserts, and much more. Catering services available as well.
Crest & Berry
Crest & Berry is a smoothie, juice, breakfast, and lunch café, located in central Grace Bay at Venture House near Regent Village. The menu includes a number of freshly made and healthy options.
Tribe is a deli, restaurant, and bakery, located in central Grace Bay at Ports of Call Plaza. The establishment serves a range of healthy and freshly made sandwiches, salads, pizzas, and more. Open for breakfast, brunch, and lunch.
Lemon 2 Go
Lemon 2 Go is a boutique coffee shop and café, located in the heart of Grace Bay, and within walking distance of many hotels. Choose from a wide range of coffees, teas, smoothies, and juices, as well as breakfast and lunch dishes.
19 Bar and Restaurant
This tranquil restaurant is found at the award-winning Royal Turks and Caicos Golf Club and is perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu includes a great selection of international favorites and grilled dishes. Choose from indoor and outdoor seating.
Shay Café
Shay Café is a coffee shop and restaurant, located at Le Vele Plaza in Grace Bay. Discover wraps, sandwiches, freshly baked goods, smoothies, hot and cold coffees, pizzas, and more.
Bay Bistro
Beachfront restaurant at the Sibonné Hotel. Serves freshly caught seafood and freshly made desserts and ice cream. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Hemingway's Restaurant
Hemingway’s is a popular beachfront restaurant located at The Sands resort on Grace Bay Beach. Enjoy a wide menu of seafood, bar and grill fare, and dinner dishes. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.