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Paddle boarding the channels of Mangrove Cay.

Mangrove Cay

Our Opinion
This scenic mangrove island is the easiest to access wetland paddling spot on Providenciales. An excellent place for kayaking or stand up paddleboarding.
5 star rating for Mangrove Cay by Visit Turks and Caicos Islands

Found close off the northeast of Providenciales, Mangrove Cay is a 286 acres (116 hectares) uninhabited island that consists almost entirely of low to medium density red mangrove wetlands. Mangrove Cay and the adjacent Little Water Cay and Donna Cay are protected areas and together make up the Princess Alexandra Nature Reserve.

Many shallow channels wind their way through the cay, and these waterways are the most popular spots for eco kayaking and paddle boarding in the country.

Mangrove Cay is a haven for wildlife, and juvenile sharks, turtles, conchs, fish and birdlife can be seen hiding in the sheltering roots of the mangroves.

A small amount of solid ground can be found on the north and on the southeast ends of Mangrove Cay and both spots support small populations of the indigenous Turks and Caicos Rock Iguana.

An aerial view of Mangrove Cay.

Map & Location