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Caribbean Cruisin' passenger ferry near Providenciales and Little Water Cay One of the Caribbean Cruisin' fleet off of Providenciales.

Day Trip to South Caicos

paved road and houses in Cockburn Harbour on South Caicos
Houses in Cockburn Harbour, South Caicos.

Found on the eastern end of the Caicos Islands chain, the sleepy South Caicos offers historical salt salinas, impressive coastlines and a laid-back old Caribbean atmosphere.

Unfortunately, due to changes in flight and ferry schedules, it’s no longer feasible to visit South Caicos on a day trip.

South Caicos remains a very interesting destination. Hotel rates are quite reasonable, so although it’s not technically a day trip, staying overnight should be considered.

Getting to South Caicos

the view from the abandoned barracks at the U.S. Coast Guard South Caicos LORAN station
Interior of the abandoned United States Coastguard LORAN station, South Caicos.


In March of 2013, flights were reduced to South Caicos, with a South Caicos to Providenciales flight in the morning, and a Providenciales to South Caicos flight in the afternoon. This makes it unfeasible to visit South Caicos via air on a day trip. Flight time is about 15 minutes from Providenciales and cost about $150 roundtrip (2015).

There is discussion of additional government subsidized flights, but no firm date of when additional flights will begin.


A roundtrip passenger ferry service is offered twice per week between Providenciales and South Caicos. However, this service also isn’t viable for day trips due to the schedule as the layover is less than an hour. Travel time is about 75 minutes ($99 roundtrip, 2015) and the route is offered on Friday and Sunday afternoons. Caribbean Cruisin' is the ferry operator.

Getting Around

a small sheltered beach at Bell Sound lagoon
Beach at Bell Sound, South Caicos.

We highly recommend renting a vehicle during your stay. The main settlement of Cockburn Harbour isn’t large, however, many of the spectacular coastlines and beaches can be quite a distance off.

Unfortunately, rentals are both more expensive and limited than on the other islands. Rates are about $150 a day including tax and fuel for a minivan or SUV (typically not the best condition vehicles).

coastal dunes and casuarina trees at Long Beach on South Caicos
Long Beach, South Caicos.

See Getting Around South Caicos for more information and business details.

Sights, Attractions and Activities

The history of South Caicos has been closely tied to the sea salt production and fishing industry. The economy of the island has seen declines in the last several decades, but many interesting salinas, buildings and sites remain, such as The Boiling Hole and the South Caicos U.S. Coast Guard LORAN Station.

Fishing is popular, and several businesses have set up shop since 2011. Big Blue Unlimited has eco-tourism trips from Providenciales that include kayaking.

We recommend simply exploring South Caicos at your own time. There are so many scenic landscapes and beaches to explore. See Exploring South Caicos.

Staying overnight

The Ocean & Beach Resort is a good hotel with excellent rates. It’s located on a ridge outside of Cockburn Harbour, and the area offers some of the finest vistas on the island.