Thompson Cove, Turks and Caicos The canal and pond at Thompson Cove on Providenciales
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Thompson Cove

Thompson Cove on Providenciales.
The Thompson Cove neighborhood on Providenciales.

Thompson Cove is a quiet residential community nestled between Blue Mountain and Blue Hills on Providenciales. The neighborhood largely consists of up-scale homes and villas, and has a canal system that connects to the northern coast of Providenciales.

Thompson Cove is largely surrounded by hills, so it tends to have a quiet atmosphere, although it is close to Downtown and Kew Town. The elevation directly adjacent to the east is Blue Mountain, the peak of which is the highest point on Providenciales, and ties with Flamingo Hill on East Caicos as the highest elevation in the Turks and Caicos.

One of the defining features of Thompson Cove is the central grassy meadow in the community. Lawns are a rarity in the dry Turks and Caicos, and this open green space offers a place for residents in the area to walk dogs and relax at.

The open space meadow at Thompson Cove.

Thompson Cove is one of the oldest expatriate neighborhoods on Providenciales, and began to see development not long after Turtle Cove saw the construction of the historic Third Turtle Inn and Marina project. It was one of the island’s first organized residential developments.

Due to Thompson Cove’s proximity to several churches near Downtown, namely the Our Lady of Divine Providence Church, St Monica Anglican Church, and the Faith Tabernacle Church of God, the faint peal of bells can be heard at the hours, giving the area an Old World ambiance.

Several vacation rentals are found at Thompson Cove, and these villas combine privacy with a central location. The beachfront villas and those on the elevations surrounding Blue Mountain can be quite impressive, and vie with the opulent mansions of Silly Creek, Long Bay, and Turtle Tail.

Thompson Cove Beach

The coast fronting Thompson Cove supports a small beach. Unfortunately, this coast doesn’t really compare well to the many other spectacular coasts on Providenciales. The water is clear and clean, yet the depths are quite shallow, and the bottom is a shoal and seagrass bed, which isn’t pleasant for general swimming.

Some really fascinating and beautiful snorkeling can be found close off the beach. The shallow shoals hide stingrays, small nurse sharks, browsing mollusks, and budding corals.

The best sections of Thompson Cove Beach are actually those that edge the canal entry. Thompson Cove doesn’t see very many boats, but it’s important to be aware of vessels when swimming, and avoid navigation routes.