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The view from the north ridge of Richmond Hills, Providenciales.

Richmond Hills

Richmond Hills, Providenciales
Houses in Richmond Hills.

Richmond Hills is a largely residential area in the middle of Providenciales. It is adjacent to Turtle Cove, central Leeward Highway and The Bight.

The terrain of this region consists of a ridge overlooking Turtle Cove, an interior valley, and higher elevation ground near Leeward Highway.

This community is home to a few rental villas, a school, and gym. There aren't any restaurants in this area.


Richmond Hills has always been close to historical development on Providenciales. Found not far from Cheshire Hall Plantation, this area also saw an agricultural attempt.

Remains and walls from the late 1700s plantation Brough Hill can still be found hidden in the dense brush of Richmond Hills today. Unfortunately, what little still stands from this site continues to be slowly overtaken by development today.

A bit more recently, the Third Turtle Inn, Providenciales’s foray into tourism in the 1970s, also stood not far from Richmond Hills.

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