Kew Town includes the area between Downtown and Blue Hills.
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Kew Town

Central Kew Town, Providenciales.

Centrally located on Providenciales between the Downtown and Blue Hills districts, Kew Town is primarily a residential area with some small shops, restaurants, and businesses. It's a short distance from the Providenciales International Airport (PLS). Some rental properties are located within this area, including several Airbnb properties.

Historically, Providenciales was split into two islands, with a channel running through the main Blue Hills access road. Due to this fact, Kew Town is prone to extensive flooding during heavy rains and hurricanes.

Kew Town's name has town appended to distinguish it from the farming village of Kew on North Caicos.

Restaurants and Bars

There are several local restaurants and bars here, including $5 bars which are popular with the local market. However, these are generally not frequented by tourists.

Agriculture and Loyalist Plantations

Providenciales did not see the extensive cotton plantations that were built on North Caicos and Middle Caicos, however, it did support a few Loyalist planting attempts.

Cheshire Hall is the best known of the plantations on Providenciales, and actually is located nearby in the Downtown area. The site of Kew Town itself also had a plantation, Tucker’s Hill, the ruins and field walls of which still stand on the hills above the current settlement.

The Kew Town region also supports one of the few farming attempts on the island where crops are raised in the natural soil (as opposed to other hydroponic and aquaponic arrangements elsewhere on the island). This farm produces bananas, plantains, tomatoes and papayas.