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The view from Sapodilla Bay Hill.

Providenciales Land Tours and Excursions

Our Opinion
Providenciales is a small island, and navigation isn’t difficult. Sitting back with a drink and enjoying a guided tour may be exactly what you’re looking for, but if you don’t mind driving, exploring on your own with a rental car will allow you to follow your own schedule.
4 star rating for Providenciales Land Tours and Excursions by Visit Turks and Caicos Islands

This page refers to guided land tours on Providenciales. If you’d like to discover the island on your own, see Exploring Providenciales.

If you’d like information on boat tours, see Providenciales Boat Cruises.

The Sights and Attractions of Provo!

The spectacular and vivid Chalk Sound Lagoon is a popular stop on many Providenciales tours.

An island tour is a great way to see the attractions of Providenciales without having to drive and navigate yourself. You’ll also get local insight on history, culture and gossip!

Common sights and stops include Chalk Sound, the coastal settlement of Blue Hills, the Sapodilla Bay Hill Rock Carvings, the Caicos Conch Farm, and some of the incredible Providenciales beaches.

As to be expected, tours vary depending on the business. Choices range from the simple taxi tour, which many local taxis offer, to dedicated bus and scooter guided adventures.

Lunch and drinks are typically included. Larger groups can often obtain better rates.

Vespa Scooters, 4x4s, Motorcycles and Taxis!

The Pirate's Cave at West Harbour Bluff. This area is popular spot to visit on tours.

There’s a wide selection of tours to choose from, including guided adventures where you drive your own vehicle and the typical taxi or truck tour.

These adventures may be either private or group tours, and are typically 2-4 hours in duration. It’s also possible to book half and full day trips as well.

Complimentary pick up from your accommodation is typically included.

Self-driven Tours

Self-driven tours are available on Vespa scooters, Harley Davidson motorcycles, and ATVs.

For those driving, the typical minimum age and license requirements for rental vehicles apply. Additional experience may be required for motorcycle use. The tour leader will of course provide direction, but those driving should be aware of the road rules.

Taxi and Truck Tours

If you’d rather sit back and enjoy the view, the traditional taxi or open-air 4x4 tour will be the better choice.

Taxi tours can be tailor-fit to your schedule and sight preferences, and are usually private excursions. Dedicated island tours have organized routes and times.

Long Bay Beach, Providenciales. Many tours visit some of the island's beautiful beaches.

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