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Launching at small powerboat at Turtle Cove Marina. A boat is the perfect way to explore the dozens of small islands or 'cays' in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Exploring the dozens of small islands in the Turks and Caicos is only possible via boat.

There are several marinas on Providenciales, most of which have slips for launching trailered boats and sell fuel. See below for a list of the island's marinas.

Before embarking on your voyage, make sure to have the necessary safety equipment aboard. Equipment you should make sure to have is a VHF radio and life vests for all passengers. You should also see the owner's manual that came with your boat for specific tools required.

Boat Charters

If you'd rather relax and have someone else, just contact one of the boat charter firms below.

Renting a Boat

Few companies rent boats on Providenciales. This may be due to the challenging waters surrounding the islands and the likely chance of damage by inexperienced captains.

SeaDoo jet boats can be rented from Sun and Fun Seasports, with sizes ranging from jetskis to 8 passenger jetboats. Jetboats are fast, but are also expensive to rent and consume fuel rapidly. An advantage of jetboats is their shallow draft which allows them to go into shallow water without risk of damaging a propeller.

16 foot Skiffs can be rented from Windsurfing Provo on Grace Bay. A skiff is a flat-bottomed shallow boat, normally powered by a low-power outboard engine and steered by a tiller. Like jetboats, skiffs have a shallow draft, but do have a propeller that can be damaged by contact to sand or stone. The skiff's flat bottom also makes the boat less stable in waves. However, skiffs are inexpensive (compared to the other options) to rent and operate.

IMPORTANT: Jetboats CANNOT be operated in the national parks, which includes the entire north shore of Providenciales and the iguana islands. There are hefty fines payable if you are caught!


Proper charts are a necessity for navigating among the Turks and Caicos Islands . The foremost publisher is Waveyline Publishing (, based in Grand Turk, which sells detailed charts of Providenciales and Grand Turk, plus overview charts of the complete Turks and Caicos archipelago. These charts can be purchased locally for $30 from Walkin Marine, so there is no reason to leave without one aboard.

Electronic charts containing Waveyline data are available for Garmin GPS chart plotters with the Bluechart Americas mapset, versions 7.5 and above. Paper charts can be ordered from Waveyline directly, and can be purchased on Providenciales from Walkin Marine.