Aerial view of Sand Dollar Cove in Turks and Caicos Sand Dollar Cove in the Turks and Caicos.
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Sand Dollar Cove

Turks and Caicos
boat at Sand Dollar Cove
Moana Charters at Sand Dollar Cove near Pine Cay.

Sand Dollar Cove is a sheltered coastal beach location near Pine Cay and Fort George Cay. The area is a very popular boat excursion destination from Providenciales. The cove offers calm water and a white sand beach, as well as relatively greater depth than most other spots in the Caicos Cays for some of the larger charter vessels that operate from Providenciales.

Near Sand Dollar Cove is an exquisite sandbar and shallows system that leads off of Fort George Cay, and is another popular stop when touring the area.

The island of Pine Cay is home to a spectacular beach on its northern coast. Unlike the adjacent Water Cay and Fort George Cay, Pine Cay is inhabited, with vacation homes and the boutique Meridian Club hotel.

Another possible sight near Sand Dollar Cove is the cute baby Atlantic bottlenose dolphin Dreamer. Like its longtime marine resident counterpart JoJo the Dolphin, Dreamer loves interacting with people, and will swim up to snorkelers. As is the case regardless of the species, don’t touch the wildlife!

The Fort George Cay Sandbars

Sandbar in clear ocean water near Pine Cay in the Turks and Caicos
A beautiful sandbar off Sand Dollar Cove and Fort George Cay.

Located quite close to Sand Dollar Cove are the beautiful shallows and sandbars between Fort George Cay and Pine Cay. This scenic place has beautiful turquoise water, and at lower tides a sandbar island is exposed.

From the western point of Fort George Cay is a long sandy peninsula that extends out into the bay, another spot that offers a great beach and seashell beachcombing.

Fort George Cay is a beautiful island, and once had a Loyalist-era fort. Cannons can still be seen in the water where the fort once stood!

Tours and Charters

Several charter and jet ski companies visit the Fort George Cay and Pine Cay area. Both private bespoke charters and shared boat cruises regularly visit Sand Dollar Cove. Jet skis are another option for visiting Sand Dollar Cove.

Most charters and excursions combine several destinations and activities. The Caicos Cays region between Fort George Cay and Providenciales offers miles of white sand beach, snorkeling reefs, and breathtaking turquoise water.

Leeward Cut Reef is the primary snorkeling site in the area, and as part of the greater Caicos Barrier Reef, there’s plenty to see. Bright yellow or purple sea fans move with the ground swell, and colorful wrasse, angelfish, black durgons, and damselfish are common. Gullies and holes in the spur and groove reef terrain hide lobsters, nurse sharks, shrimp, and porcupinefish.

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