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This beautiful coast rarely sees visitors.

North Bay

Beach Information
Do not touch fish or coral
No Lifeguard
No Littering
No Open Fires
Our Opinion
North Bay is definitely the nicest beach on Salt Cay. A few rock break up the perfect sand in places, but they don’t detract from the natural beauty. Some decent little reefs can be found close off the coast.
5 star rating for North Bay by Visit Turks and Caicos Islands
North Bay is the best beach on Salt Cay.

Found off the North Coast, this 1.75 mile (2.8km) is the largest and by far the best beach on Salt Cay. A few coral heads can be found in the water here, but much of the coastline offers a clean sandy bottom and pristine beach.

A few vacation rental villas are located on this scenic beach.

Due to being on the north side of Salt Cay, this beach is usually sheltered from the ocean swells caused by the eastern trade winds.

During the winter whale season, it's possible to see humpback whales off the northern coast (but you'll need to take a dedicated whale-watching trip to get the best view).

Although there are no dedicated public accesses to this beach, the area has very little development and many paths to the coast can be found.

Grand Turk can be seen on the horizon from this coast, and on most days, cruise ships can be seen in the distance going through the Columbus Passage between the Turks Islands and the Caicos Islands.


See also Snorkelling
Reefs off the beach at North Bay.

Small and distinct reefs, excellent for snorkelling, are found at several spots over the North Bay coastline.

North West Point, the section of North Bay nearest Balfour Town and Little Bluff Lookout, offers the finest underwater sights.

Ocean surface conditions can be a little choppy at times due to the eastern trade winds, visibility is however typically quite good.

To find a site, simply look for one of the darker patches off the beach. It’s easy to see the reefs from on shore against the clean sandy bottom.

Getting Here

There are two ways to get to North Bay Beach, traveling by road (follow the road that heads north 660ft (200m) west of the airport), or by taking a scenic 1 mile (1.65km) walk along the coast from Balfour Town. There’s lots to explore, so take plenty of drinking water.

Map & Location