People enjoying the spectacular Grace Bay Beach in the Turks and Caicos Resorts on Grace Bay, Providenciales.
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Ocean Club Resort
Beachfront on Grace Bay Beach
From $288 night
H2O Life. Style. Resort.
Beachfront on Long Bay Beach
From $420 night
One on Marlin
Venetian Road
From $264 night
Rock House
Blue Mountain
From $520 night
The Somerset
Beachfront on Grace Bay Beach
From $488 night
Seascape Hotel
The Bight
From $189 night
La Vista Azul
Turtle Cove
From $132 night
Ocean Club West
Beachfront on Grace Bay Beach
From $297 night
The Atrium Resort
From $180 night
Bianca Sands
Beachfront on Grace Bay Beach
From $566 night
Salt Raker Inn
Near Cockburn Town Beach
From $115 night
Le Vele Resort
Beachfront on Grace Bay Beach
From $512 night
Ocean & Beach Resort
South Caicos
From $140 night
Villa Renaissance
Beachfront on Grace Bay Beach
From $519 night
Sibonné Beach Hotel
Beachfront on Grace Bay Beach
From $215 night
Grace Bay Suites
Near Grace Bay Beach
From $225 night
Beaches Turks & Caicos
Beachfront on Grace Bay Beach
From $838 night
Point Grace
Beachfront on Grace Bay Beach
From $520 night
Wymara Resort
Beachfront on The Bight Beach
From $605 night
The Sands
Beachfront on Grace Bay Beach
From $254 night
Osprey Beach Hotel
Beachfront on Cockburn Town Beach
From $165 night
The Oasis at Grace Bay
Near Grace Bay Beach
From $238 night
The Shore Club
Beachfront on Long Bay Beach
From $472 night
Ports of Call Resort
Near Grace Bay Beach
From $205 night
Beachfront on Malcolm's Road Beach
From $2,385 night
Royal West Indies Resort
Beachfront on Grace Bay Beach
From $266 night
COMO Parrot Cay Resort
Parrot Cay
From $904 night
Harbour Club Villas
Canal front in Turtle Tail
From $272 night
Club Med Turkoise
Beachfront on Grace Bay Beach
From $340 night
Sailrock Resort
South Caicos
From $519 night
Kokomo Botanical Resort
Venetian Road
From $299 night
Alexandra Resort
Beachfront on Grace Bay Beach
From $722 night
West Bay Club
Beachfront on The Bight Beach
From $340 night
Turks Head Inne
Near Cockburn Town Beach
From $120 night
Windsong Resort
Beachfront on The Bight Reef (Coral Gardens)
From $319 night
Zenza Hotel
Turtle Cove
From $255 night
Pine Cay Resort
Pine Cay
From $1,650 night
The Tuscany on Grace Bay
Beachfront on Grace Bay Beach
From $731 night
Seven Stars Resort & Spa
Beachfront on Grace Bay Beach
From $677 night
The Palms
Beachfront on Grace Bay Beach
From $595 night
Villa del Mar
Near Grace Bay Beach
From $261 night
Coral Gardens Resort
Beachfront on The Bight Reef (Coral Gardens)
From $431 night
Inn at Grace Bay
Near Grace Bay Beach
From $289 night
Island Club
Near Grace Bay Beach
From $259 night
The Ritz-Carlton
Beachfront on Grace Bay Beach
From $477 night
Ambergris Cay Resort
Ambergris Cay
From $2,640 night
Grace Bay Club
Beachfront on Grace Bay Beach
From $656 night
Blue Haven Resort
Beachfront in Leeward
From $944 night
The Venetian
Beachfront on Grace Bay Beach
From $785 night
Northwest Point Resort
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There’s an Amazing Selection of Accommodations!

Grace Bay Beach and Seven Stars Resort
Seven Stars on Grace Bay Beach.

The Turks and Caicos is home to a wonderful collection of resorts, found across several islands in our archipelago. A great place to start in the quest for the perfect Turks and Caicos property is to decide which of our islands is right for you.

Our spectacular white sand beaches and marine environment are our primary tourism attractions, and beyond rate considerations, the best place to stay is typically the property that gives you the easiest opportunity to enjoy the beach and ocean, your way.

Grace Bay Beach

Grace Bay Beach, located on the island of Providenciales, hosts the majority of our luxury resorts, as well as many of the gourmet restaurants, spas, and shops. For most visitors, the general Grace Bay area is the right place to stay. Other areas and beaches on the island, including Leeward and Long Bay Beach host a few boutique hotels, yet are primarily home to luxury villas and vacation homes.

Aerial view of Grace Bay Beach and the Point Grace Resort
Luxury resorts on Grace Bay.

Our less-populated islands don’t have the development that Providenciales has, yet do offer their own unique ambiances, and are excellent choices if quiet and tranquility are desired. One of the defining features of the Turks and Caicos is our quantity of exceptional beaches. All of our inhabited islands have spectacular sugar-soft white sand beaches that are perfectly complemented by turquoise and blue ocean water.

Another consideration is privacy and service. Many five-star properties are found on Grace Bay Beach, which offers world-class service and luxury, yet the Turks and Caicos is also home to several exclusive private islands, which offer unparalleled privacy and tranquility, which are perfect for an intimate couple’s getaway.

Our Outer Islands

Beyond Providenciales, there are not many large resorts to choose from, yet rather a varying collection of boutique hotels.

The quiet South Caicos offers seclusion and tranquility, with plenty of nature to go around. East Bay Resort, which will re-open in 2024 after refurbishment, is a full-featured property, and has spacious suites, a wealth of amenities, and a spectacular location. A bit more isolated is Sailrock Resort, which rather is a luxury villa community layout. Both resorts excel for those that like to explore untouched nature.

North Caicos, Middle Caicos, and Grand Turk do not have any expansive resorts, but do have boutique and quaint hotels, including properties such as the Pelican Beach Hotel, Dragon Cay Resort, the Osprey Beach Hotel, and the Turks Head Inne.

Private Island Resorts

Aerial view of villa accommodations at Parrot Cay in the Turks and Caicos
Villa at the COMO Parrot Cay Resort.

Three exclusive private island retreats are located in the Turks and Caicos, and all provide high levels of service and seclusion.

Ambergris Cay is remote due to being located on the isolated south-eastern Caicos Banks, and is sparsely developed. The cay is home to some upscale private villas, and has a small collection of staffed and managed villas for short-term stays, which are available through the Ambergris Cay Resort.

Parrot Cay, found in the string of cays between Providenciales and North Caicos, has long attracted the rich and famous, having hosted a list of celebrities that include U.S. President Bill Clinton, Prince Edward, Bill Gates, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Barbra Streisand, Kate Moss, Taylor Swift, and many others. The COMO Parrot Cay Resort features a laid-back yet luxurious ambiance, and miles of beach that see very few visitors.

Pine Cay, also located between Providenciales and North Caicos, boasts of one of the finest stretches of beach in the Turks and Caicos, and like Parrot Cay, the Pine Cay Resort offers a low-key and elegant setting. Transits to both Pine Cay and Parrot Cay are typically via small boats, which depart from the Leeward area of Providenciales.

Above: The exclusive Amanyara resort, located on Malcolm's Road Beach.   Top right:  Top left:  The luxury Shore Club Resort on Providenciales.   Bottom right:  Top right:  Suite at the Grace Bay Club.  

All-Inclusive Resorts

Aerial photo of Beaches Resort on Grace Bay
The all-inclusive Beaches Resort on Grace Bay.

The Turks and Caicos has many all-inclusive resort options. Beaches Turks & Caicos, Club Med Turkoise, Blue Haven Resort, Alexandra Resort, and Ambergris Cay Resort are solely all-inclusive. Pine Cay Resort offers all-inclusive or dining packages, in addition to conventional stays.

Family-Friendly Resorts

Unlike some other Caribbean destinations, many of the resorts and vacation villas in the Turks and Caicos are family and kid-friendly, with an array of amenities and activities that appeal to all ages. Our pristine beaches and marine environment are of course a primary attraction, and many of the activity amenities at local resorts often rely on the beach and ocean. Boat charters, powered water sports, and snorkeling tours complement the on-site activities, and the property concierge is able to assist with booking excursions.

Sandals' Beaches all-inclusive is a bit of an exception, and offers a truly impressive collection of attractions and restaurants, with an emphasis toward families and children. On the property is a water park with a massive pirate ship, game arcades, many expansive pools, Sesame Street live entertainment, and island-hopping, snorkeling, and scuba diving boat excursions included with stays.

Adult-Only Resorts

Currently, Club Med Turkoise is the only resort that maintains a strict adult-only policy. However, several other properties provide experiences that are serene and quiet.

Club Med is an expansive all-inclusive resort, and the oldest still-operating property in the Turks and Caicos, and was a catalyst of the tourism industry on Providenciales. The resort offers a great selection of water sports, outdoor amenities, and attractions, including Hobie cat sailboats, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, windsurfers, scuba diving, snorkeling trips, and some great land sports as well.

Best Times to Visit

Weather and time of year is typically a foremost consideration when planning a Turks and Caicos vacation. The great news is that we typically have amazing weather and ocean water temperature year-round. The winter months are usually a little windier, and the summer and autumn months are correspondingly calmer and hotter, yet throughout the year we consistently have sunshine, little rain, and temperatures that are often between 75° (24°C) and 95° (35°C), with ocean water temperature that varies far less, and is often close to 80° (27°C). As is common in the Caribbean, the Turks and Caicos experiences predictable rises and falls in tourist arrivals according to the time of year, with the winter “high season” months being the busiest and the end of summer and the fall “low season” having the lowest rates and greatest availability.

To encourage bookings, Turks and Caicos resorts often have lower rates or special offers during the low season, with rates that may be as much as half off the typical price.

Restaurants and Dining

Interior at BLT Steak restaurant in the Turks and Caicos
BLT Steak restaurant, located at The Ritz-Carlton on Grace Bay.

Over the last couple of decades, the Turks and Caicos and especially Providenciales have grown to be an exceptional culinary destination.

The Grace Bay region on Providenciales isn’t large, and there are typically many excellent restaurants within easy walking distance of the area’s resorts. A full range of cuisines is represented, including local and Caribbean flavors that incorporate fresh seafood, to Italian, French, Mediterranean, and contemporary fusions.

For many, the connotation is that a resort should have its own on-site dining, as is our view. The properties shown here either maintain restaurants onsite or have direct and easy access to restaurants.

Amenities and Activities

Nearly all hotels and resorts in Turks and Caicos offer at minimum a basic range of amenities, including a swimming pool or multiple pools, beach loungers, a 24-hour staffed lobby, a fitness center or gym, a business center, and a restaurant and bar. The larger accommodations often include some extra services such as butler and concierge services, and activity amenities for guests to enjoy, such as Hobie Cat sailboats, ocean kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards.

The Turks and Caicos all-inclusive resorts of course bring a bit more in the way of complimentary amenities, with wider dining and restaurant options, spas, and in some cases free boat and snorkeling cruises.

Water Sports

The beaches and ocean in the Turks and Caicos is one of the finest playgrounds in the world, and resorts typically maintain a fleet of non-motorized water sports equipment which are perfect for fun on the water. Kayaks and paddleboards are easy to use, and a great workout too. Hobie Cats are small sailing catamarans, and are stable, very easy to sail, and can travel at exciting speeds.

Bookings and Getting the Best Rates

The swimming pool at the Shore Club resort on Long Bay Beach, Providenciales
The pool at the Shore Club at Long Bay Beach, Providenciales.

For the best Turks and Caicos resort rates, it’s generally best to contact your chosen accommodation directly. As they’ll often be able to save on third-party booking site commissions, properties will often be happy to share the savings, either in the way of extra perks, a free night or two, or directly with lower room rates. Last-minute specials are also often offered.

Reservations and Cancellations

It’s a good idea to check the cancellation policies when booking a Turks and Caicos Vacation prior to booking, as some booking sites or properties may charge excessive fees or have onerous policies. Typically, if travel is disrupted due to threats from hurricanes or tropical storms, local properties are happy to work with guests to reschedule or refund bookings.

If you’d rather book a package vacation that doesn’t require the research and time investment of booking on your own, consider working with one of the established local booking companies. There are few such businesses, and they’ll go above and beyond to fix any problems that arise.

Taxes and Service Charge

Interior of suite at East Bay Resort on South Caicos
Suite at East Bay Resort on South Caicos.

Tax imposed by the Turks and Caicos government is incurred on accommodation bookings, and other fees may apply as well.

Tourism Tax

Accommodation bookings in the Turks and Caicos incur a 12% tourism tax. This tax may be applied to extra fees added on to stays, an example of which is the excess electricity charges which may be incurred with some rental villas.

Service Charge and Facility Fees

Service Charge and/or Facility Fee are additional fees that may be applied to stays, and are structured by the government.

Service Charge must be charged by resorts and hotels. The law stipulates that this be 10%. Service charge is paid out to non-managerial property staff.

Properties may elect to charge a Facility Fee on stays. The law allows for this to be up to 5%. Nearly all resorts and hotels apply this fee. Facility fee is kept by the property.

Cleaning Fees

Some properties, primarily rental villas, may add a cleaning fee to stays. This charge tends to vary by company and property size, but should be clarified when making the reservation. Cleaning fees are not imposed or structured by the government.

Refundable Security Deposits

Some properties, typically only rental villas, may charge a refundable security deposit or have a non-refundable property damage waiver. Not all properties charge such fees, and such fees are not imposed or structured by the government.