Aerial view of Big Sand Cay The Big Sand Cay Sanctuary.
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Turks and Caicos National Parks

Aerial view of the Ramsar Nature Reserve in the Turks and Caicos
Tidal creeks in the Ramsar Nature Reserve.

National Parks were first established in the Turks and Caicos in 1975, with the introduction of the National Parks Ordinance.

There are four categories of protection: national parks, nature reserves, sanctuaries, and areas of historical interest. Every major island in the country has at least two protected sites.

Fishing is strictly prohibited in all protected areas, with fines of $50,000 per infraction. Camping, making fires, and littering are all prohibited and carry fines.

Enforcement is handled by the Department of Environmental and Coastal Resources (DECR). Some sites, such as Cheshire Hall, Wade's Green, and Bird Rock Trail, are managed by the Turks and Caicos National Trust.

Above: Half Moon Bay in the Princess Alexandra National Park.   Top right:  Top left:  Islands in the Chalk Sound National Park.   Bottom right:  Top right:  Kiteboarders at the Middle Caicos Ocean Hole, which is perhaps the widest blue hole on earth. This amazing feature is part of the Vine Point and Ocean Hole Nature Reserve.  
National Parks, Nature Reserves, and Protected Areas
National Parks
ID Name Acres
NP1 Admiral Cockburn Land and Sea National Park 2,098 Map ๐Ÿก“
NP2 Chalk Sound National Park 3,608 Map ๐Ÿก“
NP3 Columbus Landfall Marine National Park 2,783 Map ๐Ÿก“
NP4 Conch Bar Caves National Park 256 Map ๐Ÿก“
NP5 East Bay Islands National Park 8,342 Map ๐Ÿก“
NP6 Fort George Land and Sea National Park 1,823 Map ๐Ÿก“
NP7 Grand Turk Cays Land and Sea National Park
See Gibbs Cay, Penniston Cay, Martin Alonza Pinson Cay (East Cay)
491 Map ๐Ÿก“
NP8 North West Point Marine National Park 4,163 Map ๐Ÿก“
NP9 Princess Alexandra Land and Sea National Park 9,494 Map ๐Ÿก“
NP10 South Creek National Park 242 Map ๐Ÿก“
NP11 West Caicos Marine National Park 1,153 Map ๐Ÿก“
Nature Reserves
NR12 Admiral Cockburn Nature Reserve
See Long Cay, Six Hills Cays, Middleton Cay
791 Map ๐Ÿก“
NR13 Bell Sound Nature Reserve 2,857 Map ๐Ÿก“
NR14 Cottage Pond Nature Reserve 19 Map ๐Ÿก“
NR15 Dick Hill Creek and Bellefield Landing Pond Nature Reserve 991 Map ๐Ÿก“
NR16 Lake Catherine Nature Reserve 979 Map ๐Ÿก“
NR17 North, Middle and East Caicos Nature Reserve (Ramsar) 144,747 Map ๐Ÿก“
NR18 North West Point Pond Nature Reserve
See Northwest Point National Park
140 Map ๐Ÿก“
NR19 Pigeon Pond and Frenchmanโ€™s Creek Nature Reserve 5,948 Map ๐Ÿก“
NR20 Princess Alexandra Nature Reserve
See Little Water Cay (Iguana Island), Mangrove Cay, Donna Cay
523 Map ๐Ÿก“
NR21 Pumpkin Bluff Pond Nature Reserve
See Pumpkin Bluff
411 Map ๐Ÿก“
NR22 Vine Point (Man Oโ€™ War Bush) and Ocean Hole Nature Reserve
See Man O' War Bush and Ocean Hole
1,838 Map ๐Ÿก“
S23 Big Sand Cay Sanctuary 442 Map ๐Ÿก“
S24 French, Bush and Seal Cays Sanctuary
See French Cay, Bush Cay, Pear Cay (Seal Cays)
31 Map ๐Ÿก“
S25 Long Cay Sanctuary (Grand Turk) 188 Map ๐Ÿก“
S26 Three Mary Cays Sanctuary 36 Map ๐Ÿก“
Areas of Historical Interest
HA27 Boiling Hole Area of Historical Interest 121 Map ๐Ÿก“
HA28 Cheshire Hall Area of Historical Interest 3.4 Map ๐Ÿก“
HA29 Fort George Area of Historical Interest
See Fort George Cay
1.2 Map ๐Ÿก“
HA30 H.M.S. Endymion Wreck Area of Historical Interest 7 Map ๐Ÿก“
HA31 Molasses Reef Wreck Area of Historical Interest .2 Map ๐Ÿก“
HA32 Salt Cay Area of Historical Interest
See Salt Cay Salinas
466 Map ๐Ÿก“
HA33 Sapodilla Hill Area of Historical Interest .14 Map ๐Ÿก“
HA34 Town Pond Salina Area of Historic Interest
See Grand Turk Salt Salinas
177.7 Map ๐Ÿก“
HA35 Red Salina Area of Historic Interest
See Grand Turk Salt Salinas
25.6 Map ๐Ÿก“
National Trust Protected Areas
Bird Rock Trail 113 Map ๐Ÿก“
Crossing Place Trail - Map ๐Ÿก“
Haulover Plantation - Map ๐Ÿก“
Wade's Green Plantation Map ๐Ÿก“

National Parks Map