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Family on Grace Bay Beach. Photo by Attimi Photography.

Portraits and Family Photography

Family portrait on Long Bay Beach, Providenciales. Photo by Attimi Photography.

A family or personal photo-shoot should definitely be on your things to do list when visiting Providenciales. There are several excellent local photography studios who will provide you with the perfect souvenir to take home with you.

Whether you're looking for a classic snapshot or a vintage look, your local photographer will help you capture that perfect moment. Many of our local photographers have won international awards and have worked with international magazines, such as Conde Nast Bride.

Photographers are able to work on location at your resort or villa accommodation, or can recommend a beach setting depending on your preferences.

Beaches and Sunset Photo Shoots

There is a wonderful selection of beaches on Providenciales, including coasts suitable for sunrise and sunset shoots. Of course there’s no guarantee of an incredible and colourful display, however chances are in your favour.

Mermaid photo shoot in Grace Bay.

The prime sunset and sunrise shooting times are quite limited, so it makes sense to book well in advance with your chosen studio.

Another unique option is a combination island boat cruise and photo shoot, so the best moments of your vacation can be captured.

Underwater Photos

As a tropical destination with a spectacular marine environment, another great setting for photos is in or under the water.

Underwater and over-under (split photos with half above and half below the water surface) photo shoots are available from a few of the local photographers.

Underwater photography is notoriously difficult, so having a professional with the right equipment on hand will give you the best chance of getting beautiful ocean shots.

Family portrait on Leeward Beach, Providenciales. Photo by Attimi Photography.

Local Photographers