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The beach at Blue Hills, Providenciales.

Blue Hills Beach

Beach Information
Do not touch fish or coral
No Lifeguard
No Littering
No Open Fires
Our Opinion
This long beach fronts one of the three original settlements on Providenciales. Although alright for a quick stop for those in the area, large amounts of seaweed in the water and on the beach limit the enjoyability.
2 star rating for Blue Hills Beach by Visit Turks and Caicos Islands

For the settlement of Blue Hills, see Blue Hills.

Found off the northwest coast, Blue Hills Beach is located at one of the three original settlements on Providenciales. The main attraction of the area is the scenic Blue Hills Road, which follows the ocean. Along this drive are views of the ocean, Caicos Sloops and coconut palms.

Generally, the beach really isn’t good for swimming or snorkeling, as the water tends to be shallow with lots of seaweed and broken coral. However, the western end begins to clear up a bit.

Several popular restaurants are located on this beach, Including Da Conch Shack, Kalooki's Beach Restaurant and Bar. Also, there are a few small shops and venders selling conch shells and souvenirs.


Blue Hills Beach doesn’t really have a dedicated beach access other than at the Blue Hills Pier, but many parking areas can be found along the coastal Blue Hills Road.

Blue Hills Beach, Providenciales.

Map & Location