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Stand up paddle boarding at Mangrove Cay, Turks and Caicos.

Water Sports and Activities

Discover the Turks and Caicos!

Blue chromis and wrasse at the Grand Turk wall.

With some of the finest beaches in the Caribbean and Atlantic, it's no wonder that the Turks and Caicos excels as a water sports destination. There’s a perfect ocean activity waiting for everyone.

Spectacular Reefs and Marine Life

There’s an impressive array of underwater sights to discover in the Turks and Caicos. We have a vibrant barrier reef and countless shore snorkelling sites to discover on your vacation.

Surrounding much of the Caicos island group and at over 150 miles (240km) long, we actually have one of the largest barrier reefs in the Caribbean. Dives sites across over 80 miles (130km) of the barrier reef are regularly-accessed from Providenciales, so there’s always an interesting dive site waiting!

Turtles, reef fish, stingrays, sharks and dolphins are common, as well as an amazing array of hard and soft corals.

The Smith's Reef snorkelling site on Providenciales.

The colourful beach and shore snorkelling reefs support tremendous varieties of fish, stingrays, turtles and small creatures. Many animals are masters of camouflage, but if you look carefully you’ll spot snails, octopuses, shrimp, lobsters and flamboyant worms.

If you’d rather have a guide when snorkelling, there are plenty of boat excursions and private charters available. Our knowledgeable boat captains will take you to the best reef that the conditions allow for. Boat cruises often combine beach exploration and barbeques with a visit to the snorkel sites, and are great fun for the whole family. Tours often pick up guests on the beach fronting their resorts – a great way to start the adventures!

The Wall

The Turks and Caicos is situated on a submerged limestone plateau, and the edges of this shelf offers some of the best wall SCUBA diving in the Caribbean. In many places, the transition in depth is breath taking, where the depth drops abruptly from 40 feet (12m) into the thousands.

Wetlands and Wildlife

Due to the country’s marine limestone foundation and general low terrain elevation, extensive and beautiful marine wetlands are found throughout the islands. Many waterways are directly connected to the ocean and are tidal. These sheltered channels serve as a nursery for a plethora of wildlife, including lemon sharks, conch, turtles and birdlife. The best way to see wildlife is in their own environment.

Channels and waterways of North Caicos.

There are several ways to enjoy our beautiful eco-systems. Silent and low-impact, kayaks and stand up paddle boards are the best ways to travel through the narrow inlets and creeks.

Our terrestrial natural reserves are great locations for birdwatching. There are several expansive nature reserves and national parks throughout the Turks and Caicos, teeming with egrets, herons, flamingos, pelicans and ospreys. There are almost 200,000 acres of protected area in the country, encompassing an incredible diversity of terrains.

Wind and Waves

The Turks and Caicos is a wonderful kiteboarding destination for all skill levels. If you’re looking to learn, there’s no better spot than Long Bay Beach on Providenciales, where there’s shallow water, perfect wind direction, clean sand, and a safe environment.

For the experienced kiter, exploring the uncharted waters and flats of the secluded islands and cays is unforgettable. Several local tour operators also offer kite down-winder safaris – an exhilarating way to see regions of our islands that very few have the opportunity to experience.

Although far less consistent than the conditions are at the top surf spots of Barbados and Puerto Rico, the Turks and Caicos does get some beautiful waves at times for surfing.

Our Islands

Hobie Cat sailing at Leeward Beach, Providenciales.

Although the Turks and Caicos is a relatively small country, there’s quite a difference in development and activity choices across our islands.

As the home of the exquisite Grace Bay Beach, Providenciales supports the vast majority of the population and tourism in the Turks and Caicos. Consequently, the islands offers the widest selection of things to do.

Grand Turk comes in second, and as a cruise ship destination has quite a few water sports and tour businesses to choose from.

The quiet islands of North and Middle Caicos, South Caicos and Salt Cay offer a different perspective. There’s unparalleled wilderness and plenty to see and do, yet the limited infrastructure means you’ll be heading off the beaten track.

Overviews of Popular Water Sports

See these pages below for overviews and island by island comparisons of the popular Turks and Caicos water sports.