model Caicos Sloop races at Bambarra Beach on Middle Caicos Sailboats at the annual Valentine's Day Cup, Middle Caicos.

Sports and Activities on North and Middle Caicos

Boat Charters and Tours
Explore the amazing beaches and uninhabited cays at North Caicos and Middle Caicos on a custom boat charter. Visit snorkelling reefs, have a beach BBQ on a secluded beach, or try your hand at fishing.
Together, North and Middle Caicos make up more than half of the land mass in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Both of these islands have extensive wetlands and shallows, offering miles of unexplored mangrove channels and countless sandy cays, making for some of the best kayaking in the country.
Stand-up Paddle Boarding
Discover the complex mangrove networks, interior ponds and cays by stand up paddle board. The best wetlands in the country are found here.
The two islands of North and Middle Caicos offer an amazing array of locations for the experienced kiteboarder. There’s plenty of sheltered flat water to explore, and when the swell’s up, Mudjin Harbour and Conch Bar Beach offers the best surf conditions in the country.
Discover the best North Caicos and Middle Caicos Tours. Explore Mudjin Harbour, Conch Bar Caves, Indian Cave, the Crossing Place Trail, Bambarra Beach, Wades Green Plantation and more.
Discover the incredible flat fishing, bonefishing and reef fishing of North Caicos and Middle Caicos. Learn about charters, locations and licenses.
Learn about the best snorkeling spots on North Caicos and Middle Caicos. Much of Middle Caicos is quite close to the barrier reef and deep water, and when ocean and wind conditions are mild the underwater experience can be amazing. North Caicos is a bit more limited, but the beautiful Three Marys Cays area can be interesting.
One small boat charter operator offers one or two tank dives from North Caicos. Gear is available for rent, or bring your own.

The Great Outdoors

kayaking in the red mangrove channels off Middle Caicos
Kayaking at Crossing Place Channel, Middle Caicos.

Offering wide and pristine expanses of wetlands and tropical dry forests, North and Middle Caicos are great outdoor destinations. Due to the limited number of visitors, there isn’t a huge selection of tour businesses operating on the two islands. Many of the rental villas include the complimentary use of a kayak or stand up paddle board, but the choice of organized excursions is few.

A defining feature of North Caicos and Middle Caicos are the countless and seldom-visited natural and historical attractions. There’s so much to discover, and guides are not typically necessary. A great activity is to rent a car or jeep and visit remote beaches to hike and beachcomb.

Water Sports

Water sports of course make up the majority of activities. Kayaking, paddle boarding and kiteboarding are unparalleled. There are extensive mangrove channels, shallow coastal sounds with sand bars, and ocean cliffs with caves to explore. These settings are teeming with wildlife, with stingrays and small sharks in the water below and flamingos, herons, egrets, pelicans and ospreys in the waterways.

Diving and snorkelling are not quite as spectacular, but are also worth considering. There are several shore snorkelling sites of the beaches of North and Middle Caicos, offering reef, sea grass and coastal cliff environment to explore.

Wetlands abound on both islands. The northern coasts are home to shallow saline ponds. Small cays fill the channels between the islands and the entire south sides of North Caicos and Middle Caicos form a tremendous mangrove network. There’s simply so much to discover.

Bonefishing and flat fishing is also world-class. There are extensive sounds with crystal-clear water, supporting bonefish, tarpon and barracuda.

If you’d rather catch something for the dinner plate, the reef and bottom fishing surrounding the two islands is likewise excellent, with plenty of snappers, groupers and jacks to hunt.

Land Sports

hiker on the beautiful rolling coastal hills near the Crossing Place Trail
Hiking the coasts surrounding North and Middle Caicos.

Cycling, hiking and birdwatching are the main land activities.

Sites such as the Crossing Place Trail and Wade's Green Plantation offer miles of scenic trails. Other locations haven’t yet been developed with trails, yet are wonderful and wild hiking sites.

Due to the extensive wetlands, bird sightings are excellent. Flamingo Pond Overlook is the most-popular stop, but nearly every pond and channel supports interesting bird life.

As the Turks and Caicos Islands are fundamentally formed from limestone, the Karst geomorphological process is seen nearly everywhere there is exposed rock.

The coastal cliffs on the islands are perfect places to see small flank margin caves and sinkholes; another interesting feature of the terrain. Middle Caicos is actually home to Conch Bar Caves, the largest dry cave system in the Bahamas – Turks and Caicos island chains, and the Ocean Hole, what may be the widest blue hole in the world.

All of the natural and historical features make North Caicos and Middle Caicos an incredible destination for landscape and nature photography, with the added benefit that the islands don’t welcome many visitors, so the subjects are fresh and you’ll likely won’t be taking the same photos that thousands of others have attempted before.

large Karst-process blue hole in the interior of East Caicos
Snorkelling in a blue hole.
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