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The beach here is shallow and has quantities of seaweed, broken shells and sea urchins.

Thompson Cove Beach

Beach Information
Increased Crime Risk
Do not take shells or coral
Do not touch fish or coral
No Lifeguard
No Littering
No Loud Music or Noise
No Open Fires
Sea Urchins
Our Opinion
The beach here is not great and getting to the beach is difficult due to accesses being blocked.
1 star rating for Thompson Cove Beach by Visit Turks and Caicos Islands

Found between Babalua Beach and Blue Hills Beach, this is a very small beach is near the entrance canal into the residential area of Thompson’s Cove.

Thompson’s Cove beach isn’t great for swimming as the water has is shallow with lots of broken coral, sea urchins and sea grass. There are some snorkelling sites out a few hundred feet, but the superior Smith's Reef is a far better choice.


All old accesses have been blocked off. To get to this beach, it’s necessary to walk up from Blue Hills Beach.

Thompson's Cove Beach, Providenciales.

Map & Location