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Villas on Long Bay Beach, Providenciales.

Providenciales Vacation Rental Villas

Beachfront villas at Long Bay, Providenciales.

Providenciales (fondly known as Provo) offers a wide range of rental villas, with varying degrees of luxury, numbers of bedrooms, and amenities.

In addition to stand-alone houses, the term villa generally refers to any non-hotel or resort accommodation, and may include private condominium units, part of a multi-unit residence, or at times, even single bedrooms.

Why Choose a Villa?

The accommodations on Providenciales can be divided into three categories: all-inclusive resorts, hotels and resorts, and rental villas. These options all have various advantages and disadvantages.

Villas are great for those who appreciate a little extra space, a bit of seclusion and privacy. When compared to resorts, a villa can be more economical for groups or a large family.

Many luxury properties are located directly on one of our smaller beaches, and typically these coasts are far less busy than the famous Grace Bay.

What You Need to Know About Locations

Luxury villas at Turtle Tail on Providenciales.

Location should be a major consideration when choosing a villa.

Providenciales is home to quite a few distinct regions, and it’s important to be aware where your villa is, and what beach or coast is near.

Several areas are uniquely located near natural sites that excel for snorkelling, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding, and villas near such sites often include the complimentary guest use of water sports equipment.

Location does not make much of a difference for activities such as fishing, golf and SCUBA diving.

For the most part, villas and rental houses are found in one of a few coastal residential regions on Providenciales. See our villa map below for information on where each region is on the island.


Grace Bay, and to a lesser degree, Turtle Cove, are the only areas where a rental car or transportation may not be needed. Generally for all other locations, we strongly recommend reserving a rental vehicle for the duration of your stay. See Driving in the Turks and Caicos.

Overlooking the amazingly-turquoise Caicos Banks, some of the south coast regions such as Turtle Tail and parts of Long Bay, are only accessed by unpaved and occasionally rough roads, which may be as long as four miles (6.7 km).

Grace Bay

Quite a few villas are found near this spectacular beach, but very few are actually on it due to the premium of the land. The inland Grace Bay area is quite convenient, with shops, restaurants and a grocery store within walking distance of most accommodations.

Taylor Bay and Sunset Point near Chalk Sound.


Directly to the east of Grace Bay, the Leeward area is largely residential and home to an incredible beach as well. A short drive away from the amenities of Grace Bay, this area tends to be a bit more tranquil.

The exquisite Leeward Beach does attract visitors from across the island, yet the beach is extensive and you’ll have plenty of paradise to enjoy.

Accommodations near Leeward Channel are within paddling distance of Mangrove Cay and Little Water Cay in the Princess Alexandra Nature Reserve, which is a great destination to explore by kayak and paddle board.

Turtle Cove

Quite a few beachfront villas are located at the central Turtle Cove. The coast here is Smith's Reef, a site which offers excellent snorkelling, yet isn’t the nicest beach for general swimming.

The Turtle Cove enclave and marina has several restaurants and small shops, and is a relatively short drive away from nearly everything important on the island.

Chalk Sound, Taylor Bay, and Sapodilla Bay

The Chalk Sound general region on Providenciales is a very popular site for vacation cottages and villas. Quiet and residential, the peninsulas and ridge between Chalk Sound National Park and the Caicos Banks is incredibly scenic.

Two comparatively small beaches, Sapodilla Bay and Taylor Bay, are the significant beaches in the area. Although they would never be close to being considered “crowded” when compared to famous coasts worldwide, due to their limited extent they can at times feel a bit busier than other spots on Providenciales.

Villa at Sapodilla Bay.

Limestone ironshore makes up the majority of the coastline at this part of Providenciales, both on the interior Chalk Sound and fronting the south shore.

The accommodations on both the southern Caicos Banks oceanfront and lagoon side of the Chalk Sound peninsula offer amazing views of brilliantly-turquoise water.

Only a few restaurants are found nearby. Chalk Sound is about a 9 mile (15 km) drive from Grace Bay, with portions of the journey leading past the industrial areas at South Dock, Five Cays and Downtown.

Long Bay

A beautiful three mile (4.8km) stretch of white sand beach fronts this south side residential region, and villas are found both on the coast and at the inland Long Bay Hills.

The water here is exquisite, yet it’s consistently shallow at 2-5 feet (.6 to 1.5 meters). For general swimming, the north coast beaches Grace Bay, Leeward and The Bight may be the better choice.

Long Bay is the natural choice if kiteboarding is a consideration.

Turtle Tail and Venetian Road

A long and winding unpaved road leads to the central south coast Turtle Tail and Venetian Road districts.

Many villas here are found on the thin ridge of land between the shallow inland marine ponds and the southern shore. The view from the peaks of the hills here over the shallow ocean of the Caicos Banks is spectacular.

There is no large beach in this area, however many houses hide tiny patches of sand between the low limestone cliffs, some of which are so small that they are submerged at high tide.

The crystal water at the Bight Beach.

Blue Mountain and Babalua Beach

Another central region and found close to Turtle Cove, the Blue Mountain and Babalua Beach area is relatively quiet, and due to the high elevation, many accommodations in this vicinity offer unparalleled vistas over the northern barrier reef.

The beach is decent, albeit shallow with sea grass and the occasional rock. The snorkelling can be good as well.

Every beach in the Turks and Caicos is public to the high tide point, yet due to coastal cliffs and treacherous reefs, several small beaches fronting Blue Mountain are only easily accessed from the adjacent residence, and consequently are as close to a private beach as one might find on Providenciales.

The bustle of Downtown and Blue Hills however isn’t far off.

Which Location is the Best?

Due to the tranquillity and wonderful beach, if all else was equal we’d probably choose Leeward. For those with an avid interest in snorkelling, Turtle Cove and Smith's Reef is perfect.

How to Get the Best Rates

Rates vary quite a bit throughout the year in the Turks and Caicos.

The high season, which generally consists of the winter months, tends to have significantly higher accommodation rates than the “low seasons” of the end of summer, autumn and early spring. This peak in rates is typically most pronounced during the Christmas and New Year’s weeks.

Contacting the villa owner or manager directly instead of booking online will also often result in savings. If there are vacancies at one of the larger vacation rentals, it’s often possible to obtain a discount if only two persons are lodging at a site that sleeps more.

As may be expected, beachfront villas and those with wonderful views tend to rent at a higher price than inland accommodations. For example, a condo in Grace Bay that’s only a short walk from the beach will rent for 50-100% less than a comparable site directly on the beach.


The expansive Emerald Cay villa, Silly Creek.

The Providenciales villas tend to be better equipped than accommodations on our other islands, yet it makes sense to be aware of what is available. Many offer internet, clothes washers, kitchens and BBQ grills. Swimming pools are a little less common, yet widely available.

The kitchen in the average villa will be full-size and better than the smaller kitchenette found in some of the resort suites, and there are typically multiple bathrooms as well.

Water sports and outdoor equipment often include kayaks, stand up paddle boards, snorkelling gear, beach toys, umbrellas, coolers and beach chairs. Having the complimentary use of such equipment can potentially save quite a bit in rental or purchase expenses.

Concierge and Butler Services

Full-time concierge service, housekeeping, maid services, private chefs and butlers can typically be arranged by the villa manager if requested.

A concierge can book activities and day trips, offer friendly advice and information, and generally make your trip run smoother.

Terms and Policies

The villa situation in Providenciales is quite interesting. Many of the luxury villas are full-time rentals, yet others are vacation homes which are rented out when the owners are not on the country.

Booking a villa is usually done directly with the accommodation owner, or as increasingly becoming the case, through one of the local villa management companies.

In many cases, the villa management will meet guests at the airport, and either provide transport to the accommodation, or in the case of visitors having a rental car, guide the way to the property and give an introduction to the house and grounds.

Accepted payment methods typically include wire transfer, bank draft, or credit card. When a reservation is made through one of the popular international rental marketplace websites, part or all of the payment may be held by the online rental website until the conclusion of the stay, when the payment is released to the accommodation owner. This practice is intended to protect renters against fraud.

Unlike the common hotel practice of rates being effected by the number of persons per room, vacation villas are typically rented for the same cost regardless of the number of persons staying, whether every bed is filled or not. If your party is greater than two, check with your booking company if additional fees apply.

Most vacation rentals require a two or three night minimum booking.

Leeward Beach. The resorts of Grace Bay can be seen on the horizon.

Government Tax

A 12% government tax (2016) is applied on top of the villa rental fee.

Some accommodations falsely state this rate to be higher, or include a “service charge” or some other “tax”, which is not a government tax. There is no government-sanctioned “city tax”.

Air Conditioning

Many of the villas on Providenciales have air conditioning, and this feature will likely be greatly appreciated by visitors throughout much of the year.

Due to the high cost of electricity in the Turks and Caicos, air conditioning usage may be billed, either at a flat rate, or according to metered usage.

When metered, usage is often charged at the going rate. Electricity is priced at around 50¢ KWh (2016), compared with a U.S. national average of 13¢ KWh (March 2016). If such is the case, an estimate of full-time air conditioning usage for a single bedroom is about $45-75 per week (constant use, and with windows and doors kept shut!). You may want to verify with your lodging what their air conditioning or overuse electricity rate is before booking.

Condominium Unit Rental and Amenities

Be aware that the same condominium unit may be available for rent both through the condominium management organization, and by the owner directly on a third party listing website.

Sea La Vie Villa at Long Bay on Providenciales.

The rate offered by the unit owner is often lower, however it may not include the same access to the complex amenities and housekeeping that booking through management might provide. We advise clarifying the situation before your unit is reserved.


See Safety and Crime and Private Security.

Visitors should definitely be aware of the crime situation on Providenciales.

The Turks and Caicos is one of the safest countries in the Caribbean and tropical Atlantic, yet crime does occur. On a whole, Caribbean tourism information tends to largely ignore crime issues. We strive to present an unbiased view.

Both burglaries, and to a far lesser extent, home invasions, have taken place. Official statistics are lacking, however we estimate that between 0 and 2 armed villa invasions take place during the average year. Burglaries of unoccupied villas occurs more often.

Some residential areas, such as Leeward and the Smith's Reef regions, have full-time security patrols, and this does greatly increase security, it however isn’t a guarantee against crime.

Things to Remember

There are several things to note before booking your villa.

  • There is a 12% government tax on top of all rates.
  • Villas vary widely on size, amenities and location.
  • Each "villa" may in fact simply be a single room or floor, not a whole building.
  • There may be additional charges or fees, such as for A/C.
  • Prices are subject to change.
  • Information listed below, such as prices, may not be up to date.
Beach Villa Tamarind
Turtle Cove • Villa
This beachfront six bedroom villa is located next to the best snorkelling reef on Providenciales.
Callaloo Cottage
Turtle Cove • Villa
This one bedroom villa is located in the Turtle Cove area on Providenciales.
Casa Grande
The Bight • Villa
This luxury five bedroom beachfront villa is centrally located in the bight. Within walking distance of several excellent snorkeling reefs.
Conch Pearl Villa
Turtle Cove • Villa
This beachfront three bedroom villa offers a private tennis court. Located near some of the best snorkeling on Providenciales.
Coriander Cottage
Turtle Cove • Villa
This small villa is located at Turtle Cove directly on the beach.
Dawn Beach Villa
Turtle Cove • Villa
Dawn Beach is a four bedroom five bath beachfront villa located at Smith’s Reef near Turtle Cove on Providenciales. The amenities of this luxury rental include a pool, a hot tub and air conditioning. Within short walking distance of several restaurants and shops.
Emerald Shores
Chalk Sound • Villa
Emerald Shores is a four unit, two building complex located directly on the inshore Chalk Sound beach.
Harbour Club Villas
Turtle Tail • Villa
Harbour Club Villas is a group of six one bedroom buildings. Located near the Cooper Jack marina.
Nutmeg Cottage
Turtle Cove • Villa
This tiny one bedroom and one bath cottage is located on the beach at Smith’s Reef at Turtle Cove. Additional features include a pool and a little lookout tower to watch the sunset from. Within walking distance of the shops and restaurants of the nearby marina.
Reef Beach House
Turtle Cove • Villa
Situated on the beach at the excellent Smith’s Reef snorkelling site, this property consists of a two bedroom main villa and a two bedroom guesthouse. Amenities include a pool and air conditioning. Close by are the restaurants and shops of Turtle Cove.