charter boat cruising into Half Moon Bay lagoon The amazing Half Moon Bay Beach.
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Providenciales Island Hopping and Beach BBQ Boat Charters

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Island hopping and beach boat cruises are a highly recommended way to enjoy the amazing beaches, reefs, water and cays of the Turks and Caicos.
5 star rating for Island Hopping and Beach BBQ Boat Charters by Visit Turks and Caicos Islands
tour boat charter landed on the beach at Water Cay
Providenciales boat cruises often visit the beautiful beaches on Water Cay, Little Water Cay and Pine Cay.

One of the most popular things to do on Providenciales, a beach cruise will appeal to all age groups. Tours usually visit snorkeling spots, the iguanas of Little Water Cay, and the pristine beaches of Water Cay, Pine Cay and Fort George Cay.

For half day and longer tours, lunch (often a beach BBQ with fresh conch or lobster if in season) is typically included. When in season, collecting your own conch for lunch may be an option!

Snorkel gear is usually provided, but these cruises really don’t tend to visit the best reefs, unlike dedicated snorkeling cruises.

Most of these tours pick up guests on the Grace Bay and Bight beaches outside their resorts, or include complementary hotel pickup if your accommodations are located elsewhere.

Destinations and Sights

clear ocean water at Half Moon Bay
Clear water at Half Moon Bay Beach.

The vast majority of boat trips visit the nine mile (14.5km) (string of small cays and islands between Providenciales and North Caicos.

At less than a mile (1.5km) from Providenciales, the iguana nature sanctuary of Little Water Cay and the adjacent Half Moon Bay Beach are the most popular stops. Here, three quarters of a mile (1200 meters) of pristine beach await, along with the indigenous Turks and Caicos Rock Iguana and birdlife.

Further northeast is Water Cay, with two miles (3.4 km) of low white limestone cliffs with interspersed secluded beaches.

The deserted beaches of Fort George Cay, Pine Cay and Dellis Cay are also occasional stops, but are less popular due to the greater distance from Providenciales.

Selecting a Tour Company

secluded beach and cliffs at Water Cay
Water Cay coastline. Pine Cay, Water Cay and Little Water Cay are connected by one continuous beach.

About twenty different businesses offer beach and island hopping type excursions, each with their own schedule and features. Most cruises tend to visit the same basic sites, but different tours have different vibes. The popular catamaran powerboats usually play music and are more of a party. On the other hand, the sailboat excursions tend to be a bit more tranquil.

Private Charters

Most businesses offer private charters at an additional charge. Suitable from two up to large groups, customize your own trip and do want you want to do.

Local Businesses

Moana Charters
Moana Charters is a luxury private day charter company, based in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Discover amazing beaches, uninhabited cays, beautiful reefs, and much more.
Okeanos Charters
Okeanos Charters is a private luxury charter, with custom adventures to the beautiful beaches, cays, and reefs that surround the Turks and Caicos. Discover paradise at your own pace.
Lady Grace
Lady Grace is an elegant 64 foot sailing catamaran, and features a full range of luxury amenities. Choose from private charters, sunset sails, snorkel adventures, and more.
Ocean Frontiers
Take a day charter in style! Ocean Frontiers offers custom adventures to the amazing and beautiful locations that make the Turks and Caicos famous! Plan your own custom adventure and spend the day how you'd like, all a great price.
Big Blue Collective
Big Blue Collective offers custom charters to the Caicos Cays, West Caicos, French Cay and even South Caicos. Snorkelling gear, snacks and beverages and complimentary, and meals can be arranged. There’s a wide range of vessels to choose from for the perfect adventure.
Caribbean Cruisin'
Located at Heaving Down rock Marina on the east end of Providenciales, Caribbean Cruisin' is the primary passenger ferry service operator in the country, with routes from Providenciales to North and South Caicos. They also provide Jet ski rentals and tours, boat charters and excursion, and water sports.
My Time Tours
Discover the Turks and Caicos your way! My Time Tours is small local boat charter and tour business, and features custom private boat tours, island drop-offs in the Caicos Cays, and clear kayak eco-tours.