E-surfing in the Turks and Caicos Powered board surfing with ESURF TCI.
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Providenciales E-surfing and Jetboarding

Jetboarding in Turks and Caicos
E-surfing with ESURF TCI. This water sport is fun for all ages.

E-surfing or jetboarding is an exciting new water sport that utilizes an electric-powered surfboard. Users stand on the board while under power, similar to traditional wave surfing and wakeboarding. An e-surf board is flat on the bottom and is simpler than an e-foil, which is a powered board that has a mast with a hydrofoil.

E-surfing is suitable for kids and most ages, and board motor output can be restricted and tailored for those learning and children. Most are able to pick up the basics and function after one lesson.

E-surf and jetboard lessons and hourly rentals are available on the island of Providenciales. Water sports operators will typically do basic rentals and lessons at accessible spots around Providenciales chosen according to the weather, such as at Leeward Beach or Long Bay Beach. Upon special request, boards can often be delivered to specific locations, such as beaches or rental villas.

Lessons and Learning

Board sports, be it surfing, kiteboarding, wakeboarding, or skateboarding, tend to be more difficult to pick up than many other sports, yet e-surfing is definitely much easier than most board water sports due to the consistency of propulsion from the motor, and the need to only focus on one thing—balance.

Most people will pick up e-surfing quickly after only one lesson. Personal flotation devices (life vests) are provided.

E-surfing Locations

E-foiling at Long Bay Beach
E-foiling at beautiful Long Bay Beach with FLY TCI.

The Turks and Caicos is home to countless incredible spots for water sports, and there are many amazing flat water locations around the island of Providenciales. The best spots for e-surfing vary according to the wind and weather.

The Leeward Channel, Leeward Going Through, and Princess Alexandra Nature Reserve area is a great place for many water sports, and is typically sheltered from the wind.

Leeward Beach, which starts from the east of Grace Bay Beach, offers beautiful turquoise ocean and white sand, and some small sheltered coves are a great place for e-surfing and e-foiling.

World-famous Grace Bay Beach is of course an amazing spot for water sports, especially during calm weather.

Long Bay Beach is best known for being an exceptional kiteboarding and horseback riding location, and the consistently shallow water is likewise perfect for e-surfing and jetboarding. For miles out, the water is waist-deep, allowing surfers to stand when necessary.

Sapodilla Bay and Taylor Bay have the reputation as being some of the calmest beaches on Providenciales, and as such are amazing for board sports such as e-surfing. Sapodilla Bay can get quite busy at times, but the nearby Taylor Bay is often quiet and secluded.

An often overlooked beach is the largest of the Turtle Tail beaches. This small sound is usually calm, and small and scenic limestone cays are found further out, and are fun to zip around.

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