E-foil lessons Fly TCI at Leeward Beach. The E-foils are easily portable, which is great for guest convenience and accessing the best spots.
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E-foil surfer
E-foil surfing in the Turks and Caicos with Fly TCI.

A stroll on three miles of white sandy beach is what most look forward to when booking a trip to the Turks and Caicos Islands. But for visitors who prefer a bit of adventure, FLY TCI should be at the top of their list when visiting Providenciales.

FLY TCI offers a unique e-foil (electric hydrofoil) motorized surfing experience, making it an activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family, as well as solo travelers, surfers, and land lovers alike.

This unique experience can accommodate most age groups, and no experience is required to give it a go. FLY TCI ensures that all safety gear, including a life vest and helmet, are provided and to be worn at all times to ensure injury-free fun. The attentive instructors also offer advice and assistance throughout the e-foil adventure to ensure that guests get the most out of being a pseudo-surfer for a few hours.

How It Works

The e-foil motor is powered by a handheld device, allowing the rider to control the speed of the surfboard. A few falls off into the warm turquoise waters are guaranteed, but eventually, guests get the hang of it, as instructors zip around on their own boards, calling out tips and tricks. Once the guests have their ‘surfer legs,’ riders can ‘fly’ over the water, creating a feeling of absolute freedom as one glides effortlessly over the Atlantic waters.


Electric foil surfing lessons
Fly TCI makes it easy to learn E-foiling, with helmets that have radio communications with the instructor.

FLY TCI operates from a small, obscure beach in Leeward where mostly eco-tours (such as kayak and paddleboard tours) launch due to its proximity to Mangrove Cay, known for its abundant marine animal and bird life. As a fully electric activity, FLY TCI’s ethos is onboard with its fellow eco-tourism brands having a zero-negative impact on marine life or the ecosystem. The boards move quietly through the water with zero emissions, which is guaranteed fun for visitors without causing harm to the environment.

E-foil Lessons

Upon arrival, instructors ensure that riders are fitted with all the necessary safety kit (including a pair of water shoes) and thoroughly briefed on safety, etiquette, and importantly, how to control the e-foil. A comprehensive website also informs guests of any other necessities that riders can bring along, including sunscreen and a well-secured bathing suit (so as to avoid any unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions while getting the hang of it). The waters from which riders launch are shallow and calm, protected by a small bay that does not compete with larger water vessels for space—providing a safe environment to learn how to e-foil.

Lessons and boards can be reserved on an individual basis, or for a group of up to eight people. These sessions are usually an hour and a half, which may not seem long—but this is a physical activity requiring some trial and error. In other words, after an hour or so of ‘surfing,’ most guests are more than happy to retire to the white sandy beaches of Grace Bay with an ice-cold drink.

FLY TCI is certainly a fun and memorable activity that people of all ages can enjoy, helping to stave off any boredom among younger visitors and providing an activity a family can enjoy together during their time in Turks and Caicos.