SJ Curry Club also offers catering services.
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SJ Curry Club


The restaurant space is limited, and it's recommended to reserve in advance.
SJ Curry Club offers fresh, local cuisine with a fusion of Indian, Caribbean, and international flavors. Headed by experienced Chef Suresh, the full-service culinary business features private chef services, catering, and a restaurant in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos. Chef Suresh has fine-tuned his culinary skills in top-notch restaurants in Turks and Caicos, such as Amanyara, Grace Bay Club, and Point Grace. He specializes in modern Asian and fusion cuisine and is also a certified kosher chef.

Restaurant Menu

For an intimate dining experience with exquisite Indian food, you can visit SJ Curry Club’s restaurant in Provo. The eatery serves a variety of tasty menu items that use fresh, local ingredients and highlight Indian cuisine. There are many vegetarian and meat-based dishes on the menu. Menu highlights include authentic Indian curries, paneer, aloo gobi, chicken or vegetable samosas, butter chicken/tikka masala, naan, and mint chutney. For drink options, the house specialty is mango lassi, a sweet yogurt-based drink with mango flavors.

Catering Services

SJ Curry Club offers a range of traditional Indian dishes.

SJ Curry Club offers catering services for private events in Turks and Caicos. So you can book catering with the curry club if you have an upcoming wedding or a group trip to the islands. Chef SJ recommends placing group catering orders at least a week in advance.

The catering menu includes Indian and Caribbean fare and international cuisine options for every taste. Appetizer options include kale Caesar salad, lentil hummus, organic quinoa and chickpea salad, Caicos lobster salad, watermelon gazpacho, conch and seafood chowder, and more. You can also choose from various small plates, including spice-rubbed lamb ribs, tuna sashimi, and beef tartar. Other menu selections include shrimp broccoli and penne, mahi mahi wraps, jerk chicken, grilled lobster tail, pan-grilled salmon, key lime pie, and more.

Private Chef Services

Chef SJ is also available for private cooking services. He has experience cooking in environments ranging from fine dining restaurants to private islands and cruise ships. Chef SJ can create delectable meals in the cuisine of your choice. His experience spans Indian, French, Caribbean, International, tandoori, kosher, and Asian cuisines.

Above: SJ Curry Club also offers private chef services, and have experience cooking in environments ranging from fine dining restaurants to private islands and cruise ships.   Top right:  Top left:  One of the edible arrangements prepared by their catering and private chef service.   Bottom right:  Top right:  Suresh Jaganathan, the chef and founder of SJ Curry Club.  

A full day of chef service includes three meals - breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and a chef and assistants for up to 12 hours. A sample private menu includes tomatoes and burrata salad, goat cheese with asparagus, Indian-style green salad, potato and leek soup, Caribbean curries with chicken, lamb, or seafood, or Thai curry with chicken, lamb, or seafood. Dessert may include cheesecake, lava cake, or carrot halwa Creme brulee.


Private chef services with SJ Curry Club start at $250 for a small breakfast of up to 8 people. Lunch prices begin at $300, and private dinners start at $400. The cost of food is an additional fee for each private meal. A full day of catering ranges from $850 for a group of 8 or less and $1,200 for 9 to 16 people.

The Curry Club restaurant is a mid-range eatery with average prices ranging from $25 to $85 per person.