Graceway Smart supermarket, Downtown Providenciales.
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Graceway Smart

Town Center Mall, 23 Parade Avenue, Downtown, Providenciales
Opening Hours
Open Monday–Saturday 7:00 AM–10:00 PM
Graceway Smart supermarket, Providenciales.

Graceway Smart is one of the newer grocery stores that comprise Graceway Supermarkets in the Turks and Caicos. This store specializes in offering a wide variety of products at affordable prices—making it an ideal option for residents and travelers on a budget.

Open since 2016 and located at the Town Center Mall in the Downtown area of Providenciales, Graceway Smart provides shoppers with a true one-stop shop experience, carrying everything from meat and fresh produce, to toiletries, cleaning supplies, and pharmaceuticals.

Prepared Foods

For the traveler on the go, you’ll find freshly made breakfast items such as scrambled eggs, breakfast sandwiches, and more at the supermarket’s deli each morning. Freshly packed lunches are also available daily, as well as a varied menu on offer that includes rice, chicken, pasta, and more. If you’d prefer a lighter lunch, you’ll also find the deli stocked with salads and sandwiches.

Groceries Stocked

Although Graceway Smart is the more affordable option of the three main Graceway Supermarkets, the quality of its produce and meat remains on par with that of Graceway IGA and Graceway Gourmet. The supermarket is also known on the island for carrying affordable Essential Everyday branded products and for its “dollar deals” section.

If you have a sweet tooth, the supermarket’s delicious freshly baked pastries—from croissants to cakes—are sure to meet your needs. If you’re planning a party or small together, you’ll also find everything you need at Graceway Smart, with disposable plates, cutlery, and napkins on offer at affordable prices.

Graceway Smart also carries a selection of alcoholic beverages and products. This includes the local Bambarra Rum—the first rum to be blended and bottled in the Turks and Caicos—as well as Bambarra Rum Cake, a local delicacy.

The store has much to offer beyond groceries. For example, if you’re traveling with pets, you’re in luck. Graceway Smart carries an extensive range of nutritious pet food as well as toys to keep your pets entertained.

To add to the supermarket’s convenience, local cellular provider Flow also has a small shop set up in the store. Shoppers can purchase phone accessories such as chargers, cases, and mobile sim cards. To accommodate banking needs, CIBC Caribbean also has an ATM in store. Additionally, Graceway Smart customers have the option to pay their water bills in-store at a cashier point.


Graceway Smart is located in the Downtown region of Providenciales, just a stone’s throw away from the Providenciales International Airport. It’s a convenient stop to stock up on essentials or grab a quick snack before heading to your accommodation. You’ll also find beach essentials such as goggles, sunscreen, sunglasses, and beach floats at the supermarket, making it easy for you to adequately prepare for the adventure that awaits in Turks and Caicos. Central Grace Bay and Chalk Sound are less than a 15-minute drive away.

Located at Town Center Mall

The Town Center Mall is located in Downtown Providenciales, and was the first major shopping complex on the island. The site is home to a range of offices, professional practices, and shops.