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Rock carving at Sapodilla Bay Hill, Providenciales.

Sapodilla Bay Hill Rock Carvings

Sapodilla Bay, Providenciales
Our Opinion
Theft and vandalism have left very little of the original rock carvings. If you are in the area visiting Chalk Sound, Sapodilla Bay or Taylor Bay, it’s worth the hike to the top of the hill for the views.
3 star rating for Sapodilla Bay Hill Rock Carvings by Visit Turks and Caicos Islands
To the north, Sapodilla Hill overlooks Sapodilla Bay and Chalk Sound.

Located on a small hill on the south coast of Providenciales, the rock carvings at Sapodilla Hill represent sentiments left by shipwrecked sailors and travellers as they waited for their ships.

The inscriptions found here include names, dates, symbols and simple depictions of ships and buildings. The age of these carvings range from probably the mid-1700s well into the 1800s.

The carvings depict messages left by travellers from past centuries.

Due to theft and vandalism, and some stones having been removed in 2010 during a preservation project, there’s really not all that much left to see of the carvings. The area is still worth a visit though; as there are excellent views from the top of Sapodilla Hill of Sapodilla Bay Beach, Chalk Sound and South Dock; the main freight seaport in the country.

If you didn’t get to visit the carvings, replicas of some of the more impressive stones are on display near the international departures security area at the Providenciales International Airport (PLS).

The Sapodilla Bay Hill Rock Carvings are a protected historical site. It is illegal to steal, damage, or add graffiti to any rock in the area. Making rock balancing stacks is considered to be disturbing the natural features and is prohibited. Violaters will face fines and criminal prosecution.

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General information for the Sapodilla Bay area

The scenic and sheltered Sapodilla Bay Beach is found near Chalk Sound on Providenciales. Like Taylor Bay, the water here is shallow, calm and typically a little warmer than at the other beaches. One of the smaller beaches on the island, Taylor Bay can get a bit crowded.