Provo Seafood Provo Seafood at Five Cays.
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Provo Seafood Five Cays, Providenciales

Provo Seafood is located directly on the docks at Five Cays on Providenciales, and located next to the popular Omar’s and Bugaloo’s restaurants. Stop by for the freshest seafood on Providenciales. The day’s catch typically is brought in around late afternoon. Conch, lobster, snapper, and grouper is typically available.
The Provo Seafood shopfront.

Map & Location

Provo Seafood is located just past Bugaloo's Conch Crawl and Omar's Beach Hut restaurants in the Five Cays community.

Located in Five Cays

One of the three original settlements on the Providenciales, Five Cays is found the south coast of the island. Beginning as a fishing village, this lower-income residential area is home to several small shops and restaurants. More about Five Cays →