Windsurfing at the excellent Long Bay Beach.
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Providenciales Windsurfing

Several local businesses offer instruction.
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Originating in the 1960s, this water sport is still an excellent way to get out on the beautiful waters of the Turks and Caicos.

A few resorts and some villas on Providenciales provide complimentary windsurf equipment use for guests, so inquire before booking if important.

Rental and Lessons

Although it takes longer to learn the basics of windsurfing than some of the other water sports, advances in board and sail design have cut this down. It typically requires a few hours to be able to practice on one’s own.

Long Bay is a great place to learn as the ocean depth is shallow and within standing depth.

Kitesurf TCI, based on Long Bay Beach on Providenciales, is currently the only business offering windsurfing rentals and lessons. Hourly and daily rates, and lessons suitable for up to two students at a time are available.


Grace Bay and Long Bay Beach off the southeast coast are the most popular windsurfing spots on Providenciales. Due to being on opposite sides of Providenciales, as long as there’s wind, usable conditions can be found at one of these two locations. For wave riders, as Grace Bay Beach is within a few thousand feet of a barrier reef and deep water, moderate swells are sometimes experienced.

See our Beaches of Providenciales page for information on accesses.

Local Businesses